Best Ways to Avoid Social Media

Social media seems to have the power to persuade things.

The Top Ten

1 Go live in a cave with no power

It is very relevant for me - Mewtwo_

2 Go outside

Never heard of this 'outside' place but sounds cool. - Tekiku

Going outside will destract your mind from such devices - Mewtwo_

3 Destroy all of your electronic devices

You can't use them if they are eradicated - Mewtwo_

4 Don't buy any electronic devices

If you don't have them you can't get controlled - Mewtwo_

5 Erase all of your social media accounts

I have a phone and tablet, and heck, I still am avoiding social media. How? Two Words: Kim. Kardashian.

You can't use them without a account - Mewtwo_

6 Get banned by social media services

If you get banned you can't use it. But I can still be temporary - Mewtwo_

7 Turn off your internet

You need a source of power to use all social media devices - Mewtwo_

8 Stay at home and watch TV instead

It can be better to just watch T.V. - Mewtwo_

9 Sleep

Falling asleep will avoid all things - Mewtwo_

10 Die

Not the most smart idea but it will work - Mewtwo_

The Contenders

11 Just don't download it at all

Should be #1 - Radiumus

It is that simple

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