Top Ten Ways to Be a Disrespected User of TheTopTens

Ever wanted to be disrespected,I guess not,but here's how
The Top Ten
1 Troll this website

Such as adding an unnecessary item that doesn't fit the list or just making a flat out troll list.

Obviously, you will look horribly stupid

2 Hack the website to make other users seem bad
3 Annoy the hell out of everyone

I message a crapton of puns usually to random people. The good thing is that since I'm semi-retired I've decided to cut it down.

Exactly, no one cares about some paper clown that looks like a clover

Now that I think about it, Wonkey may have lied about his reason for retirement.

I'm afraid I have done this many, many, many, MANY times.

4 Be disrespectful to every user

It is not alright and not OK for others to be disrespected at all, especially for no apparent reason. Everyone deserves to be treated equally with respect, no matter who you are.

5 Make a huge war in this site

I would love to create a thought-provoking war if I had the time.

We know how that went

We're in war now.

Like ms wise guy(I don't hate him)

6 Strongly be disrespectful to a popular user

Oh, so if it's done to an unpopular user, then it doesn't matter? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Like Selfdestruct did to positron - Nateawesomeness

7 Like music that isn't metal

I don't just like Classic Rock, I also like 1980s pop music, German rap, most music from the '60s-'90s, some music in the 2000s, and some music made by artists like John Mayer and Imagine Dragons.

I like punk better than metal, but everyone has a right to state that they like other music genres without being bashed.

Personally, I like classic rock better than metal. But hey, that's just me.

We all know who added this. Anyway, people don't only like metal and rock.

8 Be racist

Basically if your like Trump. - htoutlaws2012

This should be in the top 3. - Pegasister12

9 Overreact to a silly things

*cough* Birdechosplash *cough*

10 Make a terrible, biased, creepy, or comparing list

So does that mean I failed with some of my lists then because most of them are my own personal opinion like with the Sleeping Beauty one for instance. - Anonymousxcxc

I made a comparison list mocking comparison lists. - PianoQueen

Such as date this user person here - htoutlaws2012

Britboy made a creepy one,pug made a biased one,and comparisons made a comparing list,that we're all bad lists,but I don't hate neither - Nateawesomeness

The Contenders
11 Like Justin Bieber

Actually, I don't really care if someone likes or hates JB. If you like him, good for you, just don't shove it in everyone's faces. If you hate him, it's your opinion, it's not really that special.

The worst thing you could possibly do.

Cough cough Justinbiebeiberlover

12 Turn somebody to an enemy because they don't like something

I hate South Park and now everyone hates me.

Cough cough frozen fans

Cough cough 343 fans

13 Be sexist

Yea,I hate sexists - Nateawesomeness

14 Bully Bronies and Pegasisters
15 Stalk other users
16 Curse

**** people will mad - meawcat1989

God dammit I'm hated - Nateawesomeness

Aw man,I curse - Nateawesomeness

17 Ask people to follow back
18 Dislike pop songs
19 Like The Loud House
20 Like Nickelback
21 Dislike Donald Trump
22 Be ignorant
23 Shove your opinions down everyone's throats
24 Make lists that involve abuse
25 Make people feel bad over having an opinion
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