Top 10 Ways to Be Like an Evanescence Video

These are the most common things Amy Lee from Evanescence does in her music videos.

The Top Ten

1 Lay down and sing

Haha, I like this list - these observations are correct - Metal_Treasure

I Like Evanescence But This List Is Lame - VideoGamefan5

2 Wear a fancy dress

I'm not that kind of girl that would dress up often but someday I want to do a video like Amy Lee's and wear something nice looking and prance around and stuff, maybe I'll do like a princess-like video where I'm like a princess or something. I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS NOW!

3 Walk a little bit
4 Let your hair flow freely

As some of you know, I am a big fan of long hair and just hair in general. People with longer hair than me fascinate me so much and it inspires me to grow my hair super duper long in the upcoming years. Hair that flows in the wind is super beautiful to me. Now my hair is kinda long but not long enough for me yet but it does flow easily in the wind but it gets messy easily lol.

5 Be around water
6 Be on the piano

I'm learning to play the piano and I have a piano app on my phone. I would love to play my own songs on piano but I am a terrible song writer but I hope to get better at song writing and piano.

7 Break the laws of gravity and fly or float

But that's impossible but you can use like special effects or cgi or a thin rope to lift you up to make it look like you're flying.

8 Let the camera zoom in on your face

Let me see those beautiful eyes!

9 Be in a scene with dark colors
10 Break something glass

Now I'm having visions of me in my princess video of me taking off my tiara and running away from the mirror for some reason.

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