Top Ten Ways to Be a Troll On TheTopTens


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1 Love Justin Bieber

Am not Trolling, but you should correct the grammar of this poll's title.

2 Diss bands like the Beatles and Metallica

If you diss them for the stupidest reasons, then you're a troll.

By that logic, I guess I am a troll, but I'm certaintly not! I just hate metal and rock. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

3 Make a list that has a terrible subject

Best Penis Sizes, Worst 80s Metallica Songs, and Adventure Time > Ebola are just three of them.

4 Like Nicki Minaj

Samminajj was considered a troll for this.

Nicki Minaj & Justine Bieber! What an combination! 💩

5 Hate cartoons/anime

MegaSoulHero is a troll because he hates Disney's Hercules, my favorite Disney movie!

I am a Troll for putting, Top 10 reasons why Steven Universe is the worst show on CN

6 Think that something that sucks at something is the best at that thing
7 Target the most popular users

Ok. If somebody like me who is a rather underrated (at least I think I am) Nobody who has power on the TopTens is gonna care. But if you target somebody like Positron Wildhawk or Nintendofan126 a bunch of people are going to defend them and hate you. - MrQuaz680

8 Like the music genre Pop and diss Rock and Metal

We all know who this user is... Plust the fact that her arguments are full of holes.

Good thing that you know. Because you always avoid arguments which shows how troll-like your behavior is.

9 People can tell you are not being yourself
10 Say TheTopTens sucks

Epic game moment

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11 Write everything in CAPS
12 Send mean messages to other users
13 Make a list that attacks certain users
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1. Love Justin Bieber
2. Diss bands like the Beatles and Metallica
3. Make a list that has a terrible subject



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