Opinionator Speaks: Semi-Trolls

Disclaimer: This post would be about certain users speculated as trolls, and does not intend make any "negative accusations" about certain users in such a way that it would violate the "Admin's Policy". Despite of that February 26 Decree, the admins have stated that the policy was there all along, as it just follows the terms of use on the site. Before any accusations of "policy violation" will be made against this post, please read sections 4 and 5 of the Terms of Service of TheTopTens.

This post would NOT contain any "bullying", which means that there is no threat of physical violence, but would contain certain negative information which is intended to inform other users about how to deal with certain people who would have thoughts against a his/her opinion, whether the user posting content which attacked him/her whether directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, this post is also NOT intended to inhibit a user from enjoying this site due to its content, as it would basically depend on the user whether he/she is too hypersensitive towards this kind of criticism. It is the user's choice to choose to respond towards the criticism made or to cry over it. This is not going to violate the policy on the grounds of attacking other users personally, as the post containing opinions would be backed up with facts. It COULD sound argumentative, but this post would have the intent of creating a meaningful discussion about the topic.

I know this was supposed to be an independent post, but due to the content of this post which would almost completely state my opinion about such users, I have decided to include this on my Opinionator Speaks post series. Anyway, before I discuss about semi-trolls, let's talk about trolls, basically, what are trolls? And what do they actually do? Let's give a definition of trolling, taking the Terms of Service of this site into account, in a summarized manner. Trolling is basically seeking to start arguments or upset people and behaving in an "unpleasant" manner. There are multiple methods used for trolling, which are mimicking accounts, posting lies, putting off-topic nonsense preventing thoughtful discussion and provoking pointless flamewars.

But, how can a user become a semi-troll on TheTopTens? Simple. The user would have a genuine background and a personality, and then "contribute" to this site in a productive manner at times, and sometimes in a troll-like manner on certain aspects or topics. Also, I would like to clarify that people trolling at times "for the lolz" and not really doing it constantly don't count as semi-trolls. On TheTopTens, there are five types of semi-trolls: Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, and Type E. Let's give a brief overview and explanation of these five types of trolls.

Type A Semi-Troll:

These semi-trolls have a genuine personality which doesn't have an internet stereotype to be classified as. One example is a person who is obsessed with something like a cartoon/video game character, but cannot be classified as something like "Narutards" or "Otakus". Just like someone who is obsessed with Luigi, and having some opinions which are genuine that you can't find other people who is almost exactly like the person with that type of persona. Their personality on the internet would most likely show their actual interests and not having interests to troll and annoy the people on the site. However, despite of their personality, they would intentionally annoy other users by doing some hated behavior on certain aspects like making really bad lists, trying to get easily offended to report certain users they don't like and also make terrible blog post series which are either rushed, or plainly stupid. Certain "hated behavior" as it has been referred to in those sites, like TheTopTens are trying to anger certain groups of people, liking and promoting porn despite of hating it in the past, and messaging other people, sending messages like "F888 you (insert user here)! You hate (something the semi-troll likes)! You're an idiot!", and even making blog posts about it. If you want an even more specific explanation of these semi-trolls, there was this user who used to support the Keyson-Britgirl relationship and now thinking that they're the same person. Some would even intentionally create remixes and lists to annoy certain users of TheTopTens like what happened to the list of "Worst Electronic Songs". This kind of semi-trolling is either a personal attack on certain users they like or don't like, or created just for fun. The best thing to do with such trolls is to either ignore them or make some fun out of them. However, doing the latter would just make the semi-troll laugh his/her arse off and continue doing such bad behavior, but such responses towards these kinds of semi-trolls will keep them on the site. Anyway, while they're busy laughing their arse off, you're also laughing your arse so you're basically entertaining each other by only taking each other partially seriously.

Type B Semi-Trolls:

These semi-trolls are the combination of having a genuine personality on the Internet and having troll-like behavior in such a way that the user would disagree with the common opinions of people within the site's community, most especially on TheTopTens. There have been numerous incidents of trolls that disagree with common opinions between many users and just create contrary opinions to annoy them with gibberish, but there has only been at most two to three users who do this, but still have a genuine personality. One example of this trolling (for the actual trolls, not the semi-trolls) is during the times that we have recognized the existence of the trolls that hate on metal for the stupidest reasons, having no valid reason and having excuses that are full of holes and creating lists and remixes about hating metal and pass it off as "their opinion" and they claim that they actually hate it, but they actually don't. They only say this to annoy other users. There's a difference between trolling and actual hating. The Type B semi-trolls are basically people who perform either decently or indecently as a user in terms of contribution on the site they are in, and also troll with their "opinions" which are hard to tell from actual hating. Let me give you an example. There is this user on the site who has created a fair number of lists. If you ask me, or other users, they could be divided into four categories: original ideas for miscellaneous lists, suggestions for TTT, childish lists and the comparison lists. The first two are decent lists, despite of the flawed reasoning on some of the lists related to TheTopTens. The childish lists can be considered as troll lists, since lists like "Top Ten Users With the Stinkiest Farts" is some derivative of toilet jokes, which are obviously childish. I know this is a joke which shouldn't be taken seriously, but there is no way you can prove that such a way to derive this list from a toilet joke doesn't come from a non-childish perspective. Certain comparison lists made by this user have also been one of the most decent ones, like "Top Ten Reasons Why Clocks are Better than Watches", but also had the the worse ones like "Top Ten Reasons Why the Trollface is Better than the Mona Lisa" which had been backed up with stupidly flawed reasoning. Certain opinions on the lists show the user's genuine personality, in which many people would be convinced that when she hates something, she would get some credit and it would "disprove" the accusations of the user being a troll. The actual problem with dealing with these semi-trolls is the fact that the user denies that he/she is a troll (well, in this example, it's a she), and if proven, you can be accused of troll-feeding. To prove that the person has troll-like behavior, let's look at the other activity. So far, the user doesn't have blog posts, but of you look at the comments, you will find it very hard to tell if the person is just trolling or actually hating something. Have you seen these comments of hers that she hates metal for reasons she is seemingly claiming to be "valid"? We already know how many trolls have gone into this site hating on Metallica, The Beatles, and metal music in general while praising pop, which have conflicted with the opinions of multiple users of TheTopTens. This user has mostly gotten along with trolls who have ssimilar to the opinions given above, and that the person seems to make convincing arguments which are actually full of holes.
he thing with these trolls are, they just comment stuff contrary to the opinions of majority of the reasonable TopTenners, claiming it as "their opinion", while just simply commenting for the sake of having an opposition and to annoy users by commenting stupid and disproven "opinions". Proof? The user wasn't into music at the time when she was on the site at first, and she doesn't like metal because it isn't her type. But what is she doing? She makes multiple comments about hating metal, and complaining about haters in music. First of all, if you're not into music, you won't really care about the topic, and if you'll only care about the opinion, then why would you involve yourself too much with the artists being hated? Why would you diss metal just because of the fans who are haters of other types of music while they have a valid reason for it like "Justin Bieber only hires producers, he is untalented"? You see, now this user likes pop, and as some reasons would be acceptable, and tries too hard to claim that it's a "crime" to like it. Obviously, the person never saw how many people from TTT also like pop. They also like pop, and only trolls don't get their facts straight before they criticize other people on the site, especially metal fans. We all know that when you ask trolls about their "opinion", they won't answer you, or they will just answer with irrelevant and false gibberish. They won't answer you seriously, to the point that they're basically being narrow-minded morons. They also lack consistency in their "opinions". The person would say that "every single music artist is good", claiming that everyone is "different" in their own way, while saying that rock artists suck, or they aren't considered as "real music", while saying that rap is. I'm not saying that rap isn't music, but these kinds of semi-trolls try claiming that it's a "crime" to hate something that majority of the users love, especially metal/rock music, and try dissing it like how majority of the users diss pop. Seriously, these kinds of semi-trolls need to understand that they need to defend their unpopular opinion, or else, you will look like an idiot and be considered as a troll. If these kinds of semi-trolls still deny being a troll, invite them in an argument so they can prove that their opinions are genuine, instead of allowing them to make unilateral claims on a certain subject. And another word of advice: you can talk to these semi-trolls freely except on the subjects they're trolling about, which means, you can talk about this user about many things, except music.

Type C Semi-Troll:

These are the semi-trolls who easily get butthurt over things, claiming that they have been "offended" by multiple content uploaded on the site. They can blame it upon users and lists, and try annoying multiple users about how butthurt they are just to seek attention. These users would just cry and whine over lists for being "offensive", like those Ways to Kill Lists, and act like a bunch of hypersensitive crybabies thinking that those lists aren't "nice", and they would just want to request that every content should be removed just because they are overly offended. The difference between these semi-trolls and the Type A Semi-Trolls is that these users don't attack other users personally. They just get butthurt and blame it on others; they won't attack them. If they ever try fighting back, they'll make weak insults that will just make the target laugh their asses off. Sometimes, these users also claim that they're depressed all the time, and they force their depression upon us. Seriously, it's fine if you're depressed, but forcing it upon us as if it were some celebrity news is just unnecessary and you'll just end up getting so much unnecessary attention. The best way to deal with these semi-trolls is to tell them things which aren't "offensive", but are perceived by them as "offensive". It could be effective if it would be done multiple times.

Type D Semi-Troll:

These semi-trolls just make troll list for laughs. They admit that they're trolling, and if you see their lists, you'll easily know it doesn't reflect on the actual opinion of the creator. You seen the list of "Worst 80s Metallica Songs"? Obviously most of us will say that there isn't any bad 80s Metallica song. And we all know that the creator of that list is also a fan of Metallica. He just trolled on some lists, while being a genuine user with a personality. There are also these users who say that they're trolls, as in they explicitly state it on their profile page. Some other users will say that "those users claim to be trolls", but actually aren't. In my opinion, they are hilarious when it comes to entertaining people with their troll-like content. These are the most harmless types of semi-trolls, and can't exactly be called trolls. The best way to deal with them is to laugh and entertain yourself when reading their content, so you won't deal much damage to the site by troll-feeding. After all, you laughing at their content is exactly what they want.

Type E Semi-Troll:

These kinds of semi-trolls act like idiots, and they make content like blog post series which have really bad grammar, and are most likely intended to "give some crap" towards TopTenners. If you get into an argument with these kinds of users, they will most likely act like idiots with bad grammar and spelling, make empty or hollow claims without giving evidences. Despite of this dreaded stupid behavior, they could still manage to make some decent lists, but if you talk to them, you won't really agree with them with pretty much anything. They could also brag about stuff they have and act like overly materialistic peoole to make up for their idiocy. Sometimes they will make some big lies as an excuse for having such behavior, while everyone else knows how lazy or idiotic the user is based on their behavior. Other semi-trolls could have terrible lists and blog posts, but the users be considered as trolls, considering their unique patterns of behavior and their genuine personality. These semi-trolls are seemingly genuine, but they could unintentionally act like annoying trolls with their content, but are unaware of it. They could also act like total hypocrites, but couldn't defend themselves except if they are defended by another user. You can see how one of the episodes in "Real Talk" features this kind of behavior. The best was to deal with these kinds of semi-trolls is probably to not fight them, as they will just drag you to their level of idiocy and beat you by experience. You can just simply talk to other users about them or just completely ignore them or also block them in message so you don't have to get annoyed. These are also one of the hardest types of semi-trolls to deal with, as they don't act like they're butthurt, and they seem to have provocatively controversial behavior.

So, I've explained it all. Now let's name these semi-trolls. Type A will be the "personally butthurt", Type B will be the "irrational hater", Type C will be the "ultimately depressed butthurt", Type D will be the "troll for the lolz" and Type E will be the "big idiot". Many of the semi-trolls could have an overlap of the five types.

And those things mentioned above are the real deal with semi-trolls on TheTopTens. If this post gets deleted due to "Admin's Policy", I would make my stand against it. For now, I'm fine with the policy given that it's definition would come out from the Terms of Service. And if you have any questions about these types of semi-trolls, or any clarifications, feel free to ask questions via commenting.


We all know the representatives of each type... - SamuiNeko

Type A: Danteem
Type B: Andre56
Type C: JBL
Type D: Koolguy
Type E: Comparisans

Note: Semi trolls are still genuine. - Therandom

You only got A and E correctly. - visitor

Three of the five I listed are genuine, and two are not. Can you guess which is which? - Therandom

Danteem, andre56 and Comparisans are genuine. - visitor

A, B, E. Duh. - Puga

Correct. - Therandom

A: Danteem
B: BlueTopazIceVanilla
C: BigBrotherSucks and PrincessKiana
D: bugger and AggressiveBlaze
E: andre56 and Comparisans - visitor

Big brother sucks isn't a semi troll. Kiana is. - Therandom

Well said - bobbythebrony

Actuslly I like trolls but troll faces. Yeah, I hate trolling... - 05yusuf09

I do not understand. Why everyone hates so much users like Danteem and Andre56? I know, Justinbieberlover and BarneyTheDinosaurRocks (are the same person) are hated because both (actually he /she) likes crappy music artists like JB and Nicki. A person tell me this reason. - 05yusuf09

Well, I'm talking about how they are semi-trolls, not how these users are hated. But you can ask me about that somewhere else. - visitor

Ok. I really don't know why they are hated :D - 05yusuf09

Just I wonder. - 05yusuf09

You have to have seen their content and comments, and personality... - Therandom

Type A: Danteem
Type B: BlueTopazIceVanilla (duh)
Type C: Danteem (again)
Type D: BarneyTheDinosaurRocks
Type E: Comparisans - SirSkeletorThe3rd

BTDR is a troll, not a semi-troll. - visitor

Positron wildhawk fits all of these,ok ok,I was messing with you in that one,how I will name the types
Type a:Danteem
Type b:bugger
Type c:princess kiana
Type d:Barney the dinosaur rocks
Type e:mlpyespawpatrolno and the cap locks frozen fan - Nateawesomeness

Why did the comments turn into some sort of a guessing game?! - visitor

That Wut we do m8 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Velitalcabal? More like CowardlyBrat. If you're gonna insut someone say it to their face. If you were a real man you wouldn't use "Well, the Policy says I can't! " as an excuse not to say it to our faces. I honestly have no idea how to react to this. You think you're so smart by speaking "the truth", but all you've come accross as a spoiled brat. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

If you tell me to say it at your face, then open yourself up on message. You won't reply on message, you know. - visitor

And go make your arguments defending your point of me being a "spoiled brat" instead of making hollow accusations. Your "opinions" are full of holes anyway. And this post wasn't meant to insult. My comments do that, not this post. - visitor

Well, I'm not gonna put up with this stupidity you call "smarts" anymore. I just wanna erase you from every aspect of my life--you're that vile of a person. Idc if you call me names, harass me whatever, I'll just go my own way, you go yours. by the way, you told me that I should block you from my messages, so blame yourself. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

"This post wasn't meant to insult."? Then why do I see "…narrow-minded morons…" in that post? What a hypocrite. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

No need to blame myself; I'm fine if you block me since that will show your hypocritical cowardice. Plus, "narrow minded morons" was supposed to show the truth, considering how :

You call every metal fan narrow-minded while you judge a band by its name by saying "breaking poor kid named Benjamin". And you hate metal for the worst reasons. It's "satanic"? More like you judge every existing band being satanic. Yes, it is stupidity. And the truth. - visitor

And don't show your "opinions" if you can't defend it properly or you're too lazy to defend it. - visitor

Well you grammar is atrocious but you're young so I'll let it slide but seriously m8. How can he say stuff to your face if you don't even know where he lives. And don't try to find out cause that's stalking. So yeah - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Haha this is gold - Puga

Let me translate what BTIV just said: "I am so butthurt and I have no reasons against you. You are such a brat. Huhuhu :(" - visitor

You think yourself to be so smart and mature, when you made the list "toptenners who have the stinkiest farts." Seriously, Jared will roast you. And I could roast you even worse. - Therandom

More like she was acting like a crybaby the whole time. - visitor

Wow, nice time deleting my replies, haven't you? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

So you've been waiting for it all along, considering how you can't do anything else with your life... - visitor

So you've been waiting for it all along, considering how you can't do anything else with your life... - visitor

You knew you were type B. - SamuiNeko

And SamuiNeko was referring to BTIV. - visitor

Yeah - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Because obviously, if you have a life, you won't be staring at the screen waiting for your comment to show up. Obviously, BTIV doesn't seem to have a life. :P - visitor

Keep making the childish lists bluetopaz! - Therandom

Well, she left, so I think we can sit back and relax. - visitor

First of all dude, brilliant post, probably the longest post I've seen but despite this it doesn't waver in quality, it's consistently quality and well written, and it's vocabulary choices show your intellect, so well done mate.
On the topic of blue topaz ice vanilla, you are the contradictory one, as you have repeatedly slagged off rock music and it's lovers, but now something is aimed at you you don't like it. Never once did he say in the post he meant you.
This site is about expressing opinions, but sometimes it's very difficult to do so in a non insulting way due to strong feelings and loyalty. For example, as unbiased as I try to be I still hold my hands up to showing some pop-hate in my comments due to me hating it so much, it detracts from the genres that I love and have helped me, plus I'm opinionated. But I think in future we should all be more reasoned to avoid these little arguments. - EvilAngel

Thank you. - visitor

Type A: Danteem
Type B: BlueTopazIceVanilia
Type C: Danteem, Princess Kiana
Type D: BTDR and bugger
Type E: Comparisans - 05yusuf09

True. - visitor

Don't forget Type F, which fits SelfDestruct himself. - Swellow

It fits type A and B overlapped. - visitor

A: Danteem
C: Danteem again/Princess Kiana
D: bugger
E: RevolNiartRuasonid or Comparisans - visitor

Bigbrothersucks once said that a list about places to drop a Total Drama character's phone was offensive and should be deleted because he, one person, didn't like it. That just shows what a hypersensitive crybaby he was - bobbythebrony

Ok,I know the real guesses,
A.Danteem(with luigi and sunny leone),JUSTIN BIEBER LOVER(you know who),caps locks girl(with frozen),and big brother sucks(with hating big brother)
C.Princess Kiana and big brother sucks(though big brother sucks isn't depressed,he's just butthurt
D.koolguy and BTDR(that's short for Barney the dinosaur rocks)
E.caps lock girl again,and Barney the dinosaur rocks again, - Nateawesomeness

A. Danteem
B. KoolGuy
C. MLPLover17
E. Caps lock girl (the Frozen obsessed one) - TwilightKitsune