Top Ten Ways to Beat Insomnia

Dedicated to PositronWildhawk and whoever else. Some actually work, some are plain daft. Or maybe even reading this list will help!

The Top Ten

1 Watch Documentaries About Sheep

Count them, man. Count them! - Britgirl

Don't get lost in the wool - Curti2594

2 Listen to Chamber Music

I listen to ambient a lot. The perfect thing to bring your thoughts into a world of peace. - PositronWildhawk

Not sure what this is but it sounds really boring. - Britgirl

3 Read The Encyclopedia Britannica
4 Have a Bath

A nice soak before bed USUALLY works with your favourite music playing in the background. - Britgirl

5 Talk To Yourself

Yes, this does work. I'm a writer and I find talking as my characters not only relaxes me but helps me to understand my characters better. This is a good one to try.

Sounds daft. But it really does work. Or maybe that's just my voice... - Britgirl

6 Count as Fast as You Can from 1 to infinity

If you can remember where you got to, you can try to break that record next time! - PositronWildhawk

You'll be well away before you know it. - Britgirl

7 Listen to Radio 4
8 Drink Hot Lemon
9 Drink Gallons of Vodka

Did Father Jack put this on here? Anyway do not do it in a monastery.NUNS! - Epekov

10 A Good Cry

The Contenders

11 Tickling Session

Oh god, I'm ticklish. - AlphaQ

12 Deep Breathing Excercises

In through the nose...out through the mouth. In through the nose... Out through the mouth...Still awake? WHY? - Britgirl

I use these sometimes. Really helpful. As is this list. Thanks a lot, Britgirl! - PositronWildhawk

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1. Watch Documentaries About Sheep
2. Listen to Chamber Music
3. Read The Encyclopedia Britannica


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