Top Ten Ways to Beat the Two O'Clock P.M. Sleepiness

Whether it’s due to your own body clock or a large lunch, staying alert in the afternoon can be a challenge ( Ufq9fqxqAXg). If you find yourself drifting off over your keyboard, try some of these tricks to avoid that 2:00 P.M. naptime (

The Top Ten

1 Exercise

If you have the time, take a short walk around your work area for a couple minutes. Even stretching at your desk will help.

2 Fresh Air

One of the best remedies for drowsiness is fresh air. If you can, step outside for a few minutes to feel invigorated.

3 Peppermint Oil
4 A Good Night’s Sleep
5 Chew Gum

Simply the action of chewing will help ward off sleepiness.

6 Eat Fruit

Snack on a piece of fruit to reap the benefits of glucose, a natural sugar that increases your energy level.

7 Avoid Certain Lunch Choices

If you eat a lunch filled with carbohydrates, your blood sugar level will go through the roof and come crashing down shortly thereafter. Try eating a smaller lunch of vegetables and protein instead.

8 Plug In

Listening to a little foot-tapping music will wake you up almost instantly, not to mention elevating your mood.

9 Cool Off

A warm room or work area will make you even drowsier than you were to begin with. Open a window if you can, or use a fan. If nothing else, dress in layers so you can remove some clothing to help cool off.

10 Cold Water
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