Best Ways to Beat Windows Scammers

Ever get called in the morning and you just got up? You pick up the phone and put it up to your ear only to find it's that damn telemarketer claiming he'll fix errors on your computer. Here's the best ways to beat these guys.

The Top Ten

1 Say what they're doing is illegal and you will convict them.

There's a video on YouTube where somebody does this and the scammer gets down on his knees and begs for mercy. - Cazaam

2 Say "Sorry, I don't speak broken English"

Way to insult their accent. It's fun to annoy these douchebags. - Cazaam

3 Say "yes" to everything they say

They'll eventually get frustrated and leave you be. - Cazaam

4 Say you have a Mac

That'll leave them with nowhere to go. - Cazaam

5 Say everything they're saying is a lie

They'll try and reinforce it as truth but keep at this and they will go. - Cazaam

6 Play a bad song into the phone
7 Pretend to not understand
8 Give fake reasons to keep them on the phone

How do you like that phone bill? Thought so. - Cazaam

9 Shout into the mic.

They'll put down the phone pretty quick after having their ears ruffled like that. - Cazaam

10 Hang up

Only do this if you can't do any of the above successfully. - Cazaam

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