Top Ten Ways the Beatles are Better Than Led Zeppelin

I saw a "Led Zeppelin are better" list, so let's counter that.

The Top Ten

While Led Zeppelin left a strong impact on music,The Beatles left an impact that transcends music

The Beatles were the big bang of rock and roll. They were more innovative, artistic, and influential than any other band in history. Ask Eric Clayton, he was in awe of the fab four. Top 5 slots on billboard in 1964 and more hits down the list.

Can't compare. They're like apples & oranges.
The Beatles were a POP band.
Led Zeppelin was a ROCK band.

The Beatles have 3 of the greatest song writers ever

John Lennon Paul McCartney and George Harrison were the best I love hey Jude best song ever

Led Zeppelin's materiel is somewhat dated, The Beatles have aged better.

The Beatles broke up before Led Zeppelin released over half of their studio albums. Therefore, The Beatles are MORE Dated than Led Zeppelin, and they are both good. If it were this way, then we would all like Justin Bieber over all the other artists, and this would be an Anti-Beatles site.

By dated I mean Zeppelin sounds like it could only be recorded in the late 60's-70's. The Beatles' music is more timeless.

The Beatles changed with every album. Led Zeppelin and most other bands just sounded the same all the time.

The Beatles were more diverse in their music

The Beatles did more different genres of music just in "the White Album" than Pink Floyd or any metal band did in their entire career.

The Beatles are nowhere near the most diverse band. Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Judas Priest, are all more diverse, and so is Led Zeppelin.

Magical Mystery Tour, that's all I have to say.

Plant isn't a bad singer, but John and Paul are better

Can agree with paul better than plant but personally don't agree that john better than plant.though he is a good songwriter but plant has nicer voice(my opinion)

The Beatles have stronger personalities

Nahhh. Robert, Jimmy, John, and other John have stronger personalities. The reason why I say this is because Zeppelin had more sex appeal. They knew how to shake the arena more than the beatles. Sure, the beatles were more. But Zeppelin was more progressive, with other bands at the time like Grateful Dead, Cream, Yes, Black Sabbath, and even Deep Purple. To go back on topic, Zeppelin showed off their personalities, with Plant showing his sex appeal on stage, Page wearing cult related clothes on stage, Bonham being the shy guy, and Jones having a big smile on his face while performing. Besides, the Beatles were not who they seemed to be when they were off stage. So there you have it, Zeppelin has stronger personalities

And entertaining, often pleasant, engaging personalities with thoughtful and witty perspectives to share.

The Beatles were more influential.

They are both very influential, but if it weren't for The Beatles, none of the great bands you hear today would be around.

Yes I agree with here.though I am a big fan of zep but beatles where more influential.most influential rock artist is elvis presley,then its beatles.

McCartney is a better bassist than Jones
Most of The Beatles songs are their own original compositions

This should be the top reason. Led Zeppelin got famous by covering old blues songs.

Okay I agree led zeppelin covered old blues songs.But what about beatle's plagiarisms.never heard of it? they plagiarized chuck berry's songs.

That only happened once. Led Zeppelin got away with plagiarism on their first 3 albums all the time, unless they were sued.

The Beatles were more creative and innovative

They also got plagiarism cases.

The Contenders

George Martin is one of the greatest music producers ever. Page less so.

Yes,but george martin isn't a band member of beatles

But the band was fortunate and smart enough to use his help, which enhanced their creations. And they gave him credit.

The Beatles used excellent harmonies
Without the Beatles, Led Zeppelin wouldn't even exist

Great reason.

Led Zeppelin steals songs

Beatles also stole songs.

No, The Beatles always credited the original artists. Zeppelin rarely did unless they were sued.

The Beatles are/were better looking

As much as I want to point out that looks do not matter, it is kinda true.

Although I like The Beatles better, this isn't a good reason.

Not a good reason.

Ha ha,this doesn't work.cause its not a reason to be one better than another.

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