Top Ten Ways to Become Controversial on TheTopTens

I looked on an website called Encyclopedia Dramatica and saw that TheTopTens was on there. I don't know why, but it said a lot of things about this site. If you want to see then go to that site.

The Top Ten

1 Start an argument
2 Say something about the death of a user

One problem: In what context?

This entry can be interpreted to anything. By "Say something", it may mean paying your respects and sympathy towards someone. A more negative phrasing that would make sense is "Say something bad" or "Say something negative"

Also, I doubt that anyone would insult a user after their death (Unless you're a jerk). - CrimsonShark

I saw that this had happened to one user. - Arcxia

Yeah the person we shall not name cause if you don't know by now just ask any user by now. - htoutlaws2012

I probably know who that one guy is... - Neonco31

It would make sense If you added 'bad between 'something' and 'about' - BorisRule

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3 Be a Justin Bieber fan

Justin bieber sucks and so do all of his fans

Enough with the JB Joke! - Neonco31

I love Justin Bieber like so much! He’s like so hot and I wanna have like so much sex with him! - 3DG20

I get that you're trying to make a joke. How about you make an original one? - Ashes

4 Be a funny troll that everyone feeds

There is one anonymous user on here that I actually like, even though he or she is so critical of users and their lists (mine included) but whoever it is I like. They're intelligent and often very tongue-in-cheek with their comments. - Britgirl

That’s BTDR. - Userguy44

5 Be dramatic over criticism from another user
6 Be a troll that has bad grammar

Wot r u token ebaut mei gremur is liek so good - 3DG20

7 Say derogatory things about metal music

Metal is for satanists. - 3DG20

8 Create a hate filled list
9 Talk about how much you hate TheTopTens

I hate TheTopTens so much! It is the worst website ever. - 3DG20

10 Be disrespectful to every user

Is that a challenge? I'm not taking it. - Cyri

The Contenders

11 Write hilariously ludicrous posts
12 Vandalize a TheTopTens Wikia

*cough Cough* Aggressiveblaze - SpectralOwl

13 Make a list

What? - Neonco31

Yes! When you make lists, you become extremely controversial, and you lose your followers! That’s why you should never do it! - saturatedsunrise

I don’t have lists but I'm afraid to make one - LootLlama

14 Joke about 9/11

Says the person who made a joke about it, unless you are bad at homonyms. - SirSalvador

9/11 jokes are just plane wrong.

15 Get offended and defend your gen terribly when criticized

They will be defeated by the chief! - Userguy44

O meyh gawd leik how DARE anyone not like gen-18 LOLOLOLOLOLOL! - 3DG20

I don’t care if people don’t like gen 19 - LootLlama

*COUGH COUGH* all those terrible Gen 18 users. I’m looking at you guys. Thank god Puga eliminated them with his gauntlet - Randomator

16 Have a brain fetish

Did xandermartin98 add this? - darthvadern

17 Make death jokes

This is the worst way to become controversial.

18 Support Donald Trump

I love Donald Trump. He’s like the greatest president and his hair is like so nice! - 3DG20

What’s wrong with supporting him? He’s making America great again and cleaning up Obama’s mess - Randomator

19 Joke about cancer
20 Make fun of autism

This is one of the few places on the internet that doesn't do this. - Cyri

21 Make a list you know everyone will disagree with

Reasons Blood On The Dance Floor is better than The Beatles. - 3DG20

I used to do this. - saturatedsunrise

22 Complain about your life too much

My life sucks. I hate everyone! - 3DG20

Disney1994 in a nutshell. - Userguy44

23 Complain about liking underrated shows
24 Joke about Hitler

Hitler was my daddy. - 3DG20

25 Make fun of someone's death

Gamecubesarecool with Disneyanime1234 - BorisRule

DCfnaf with XXXTentacion... - B1ueNew

26 Disrespecting Opinions
27 Hate rustlers
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