Top 10 Ways Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Is Better Than Peppa Pig

The Top Ten

1 Less annoying

The next list, in the future, people will make a list called "Top 80 Reasons Why Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom is Better Than Caillou". Holly from B&HLK will punch Caillou.

2 Holly isn't annoying but Peppa is
3 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is a better show for kids
4 Ben is better than George
5 Nanny Plum is funny and is better than Mrs. Rabbit
6 Peppa Pig is a rip-off of Ben and Holly

Actually, Ben and Holly came after Peppa Pig but just because they're similar looking shows doesn't mean it's a rip-off. - SachiyoHasegawa

I was wrong here, I didn't know that rip-offs were meant to become before

7 Ben and Holly actually has some funny moments
8 Peppa Pig is one of the lamest shows

She is even more lame than dora the stupid explorer

9 "Turn them into a frog"
10 Ben and Holly has better characters

Tarquin is good.

The Contenders

11 Ben and Holly doesn't have a narrator but Peppa Pig does
12 Ben and Holly actually makes adults laugh
13 Jelly floods are included in Ben and Holly

I wish we had jelly floods when we celebrate our Bangladesh holiday. :(

14 Ben and Holly is educational and teaches more things
15 Peppa Pig has terrible characters
16 Peppa is meaner than Holly
17 Holly is nicer to her dad
18 Ben and Holly is one of the best shows on Nick Jr.
19 Ben and Holly has some episodes that we can enjoy watching
20 Peppa always calls her dad fat
21 Mommy Pig always criticizes Daddy Pig
22 Peppa Pig teaches children to be bossy
23 More accurate animal noises
24 Ben and Holly has better animation
25 Peppa and George won't stop oinking
26 Peppa is bossy
27 George is a wimp who cries all the time
28 Everyone in Peppa Pig is fat
29 Peppa Pig has terrible animation

Both animations are terrible! - s10484

30 Peppa Pig is bad for kids
31 Peppa is annoying
32 Tarquin is better than Edmond Elephant

Edmond Elephant says "I am a clever clogs." extremely often. I would puke on Edmond.
Tarquin, on the other hand, says "Tarquin likes ________! " rarely.

33 Wise Old Elf is Better than Grandpa Pig

Grandpa Pig is stressful and Wise Old Elf is happy.

34 King Thistle is better than Daddy Pig

Make comments.

35 Queen Thistle Is Better Than Mummy Pig


36 Peppa Pig has 4 eyes and 4 nostrils
37 Peppa Pig has bad role models

It’s better than Peppa Pig because
1. Peppa keeps on insulting Daddy Pig
2. Peppa can be extremely annoying (when she hung up the phone during the conversation with Suzy Sheep
3. Bananas

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