Top Ten Ways the Big Hero 6 Movie Is Better Than the Original Big Hero 6 Comic

The Top Ten

The storyline touches your heart

Yeah. I don't get anything with the comic at all.

€�there was a comic?

Hiro Hamada is hotter than Hiro Takachiho

Face it, comic fans! COOL HAIR SHOULDN'T BE COMBED.

The characters in the comic are named after food

Honey Lemon - kind of tea
Wasabi - food
Tamago - egg

Good thing the movie characters are just given nicknames for their personality.

Baymax is better as a marshmallow than a hulking mass of metal and synthetic material

Its nice to get a hug from a marshmallow than a metal monster.

Honey Lemon looks like a slut in the comics

She always keeps on showing off her bra. (Okay, now that's gross)

Tokyo is a too-common place whereas San Fransokyo is a unique city

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

Leiko Tanaka's armor in the comics only accentuated her body
The characters of the movie are more hilarious and kickbutt awesome

I ABSOLUTELY don't get anything from the comic at ALL

Hiro Takachiho fell in love with a slutty agent

"Much better to know that Hiro Hamada doesn't have a love interest." Oh, but he'll get one come the inevitable sequel. Just watch.

Much better to know that Hiro Hamada doesn't have a love interest.

The movie made everyone forget that the comics existed.

Because the comic storyiline is just CONFUSING

[All the things rage face]


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