Top 10 Ways to Break the Law

Don't Break The Law or else you'll end up in prison.

The Top Ten

1 Creating Unreasonable Noise
2 Stealing a Wifi Signal
3 Public Urination

Everyone does this in India.. not a new thing to An Indian

Yeah in India it is not a new thing.

Lol I want to get forgotten but, just LOL

4 Charging Admission to a House Party
5 Street Vending Without a Permit
6 Throwing a Frisbee On the Beach Without the Lifeguard's Permission

How is this a law

7 Drinking In Public
8 Smoking In Front of a Business
9 Smoking Marijuana
10 Downloading Pirated Music

The Contenders

11 Gambling

Because it is so very bad

12 Impersonating a Police Officer
13 Littering
14 Impersonating a Doctor

I think this is the best way to break the law because someone's life is in your hands and if you don't know what you are doing that person has a 90 percent of dying

15 Impersonating a Judge
16 Misusing a 911 System

Done that tons of times just got a very stern warning/talking to

17 Streaking
18 Growing a Goatee (Boston)
19 Loitering
20 Filming Without a Permit
21 Jaywalking
22 Witness Intimidation
23 Vandalism
24 Using Fake Identification
25 Burglary
26 Text While Driving

One of the most things that people get arrested for and the most illegal where I live. - funnyuser

27 Filing a False Police Report
28 Lying to Investigators
29 Drunk Driving

Don't Drink While Driving or else you'll end up like Matthew Cordle

30 Disobeying a Stop Sign
31 Murder
32 Printing Money
33 Play Cards With a Native American (Globe, Arizona)
34 Sleeping On a Fridge (Pittsburgh)
35 Hitchhiking
36 Trespassing On Private Property
37 Flip Off Officers
38 Screaming "Fire" in a Cinema
39 Strip In Front of Children
40 Posting Illegal Information
41 Copyright Infringement
42 Carjacking
43 Child Molestation
44 Bomb Threat
45 Kidnapping
46 Killing a Cop
47 Watching Porn
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