Top Ten Ways Bronies Are Different Than They Used to Be

I have noticed a very unusual happening in the Brony Community. It seems as if this could affect smaller audiences who watch the show. I'm very afrad that it isn't even a PONY fandom anymore. Want to learn more of this shocking update on your neighborhood bronies? This is the top ten list for Bronies and Ponies everywhere.

The Top Ten

1 They bring the age rating to (18+)

I can handle the brutal side like Cupcakes, Smile, and those things easily. BUT the other side is another story. I can't bear to look up Mlp videos and see Fluttershy, Rainbow, and Rarity stories. That goes for the whole cast of characters! - sdgeek2003

Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, Princess Molestia, Smile HD. That's all I can say. - Pegasister12

There are even pony creepypastas. Maybe a little kid would find a MLP creepypasta on YouTube, and they would click it by accident. Next, they will watch it, not realising how to exit or pause, and they soon get scared to death. I even heard that loads of people bought the Luna Game on Equestria Daily and didn't realise how disturbing and scary it was with all the jumpscares. In fact, I'm a brony myself.

2 It isn't just ponies anymore

IKR! MLP is the greatest cartoon fr bronies but... It's not just MLP anymore. Mlp is the birth of bronies but if you saw CupcakesHD or SmileHD, it's horrible. What if kids at the age of 7 watches it? - ilar9118

3 FNAF ponies?
4 What's the point of the characters anymore?
5 Always the same
6 Villains shouldn't be worshiped
7 We are much nicer.
8 Creepypasta stories of MLP
9 They dislike anything most bronies dislike (AKA: Rainbow Rocks)
10 Some of the games and parodies they make
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