Top Ten Ways Buttercup is Better Than Danny Phantom

Dedicated this list for AnimeDrawer because she likes Buttercup and hates Danny Phantom

The Top Ten

1 Buttercup never thinks she is the best

Thanks for dedicating this list, also Buttercup has been proud of herself, but she never brags about being the best into everyone's faces unlike Danny Phantom. - AnimeDrawer

2 Buttercup fans are nicer than Danny Phantom fans

I am the biggest Buttercup fan, I used to not like people that hated Buttercup, but now I respect their opinions. - AnimeDrawer

3 Buttercup is cuter, Danny is ugly

Well, Buttercup looks better and more unique than Danny. Danny looks like Timmy Turner. - AnimeDrawer

Buttercup is cute,Danny isn't

4 Buttercup is stronger, Danny is weak

That is true, Buttercup does not need any weapons, she has superhuman strength. - AnimeDrawer

Buttercup doesn't need 1 weapon. NOT 1 WEAPON. But still, I love Buttercup because of her strength and uniqueness.-Vestalis

5 Buttercup is rude outside but she is nice inside

That is true, she sometimes is mean to others which to people makes her an unlikable character. But she really in the inside has sympathy for her bad actions and hurting others. - AnimeDrawer

6 Danny Phantom is boring and bland, while Buttercup is funny and attractive V 1 Comment
7 Buttercup is cool and badass

True. Buttercup kicks the butt of villians, she one time kicked the butt of Mojo as a giant in the movie based on the show. She also found the way how the girls can fight crime easily, all on an accident where she wanted to save a dog from a giant gorilla, but then she kicked the gorilla too hard and killed him. She felt sympathy for killing a gorilla and felt ashamed, but then her sisters were proud of her. Even Blossom, the smartest one of the group, called her a genius. - AnimeDrawer

8 Danny is stupid and dumb moron

He thinks a thermos would be an awesome weapon, what a joke! At least Buttercup is not stupid enough to think a thermos would be a good weapon. She does not need one anyways, she is gifted with powers, she does not need any weapons, like she said in the episode "Boy Toys". - AnimeDrawer

9 Buttercup is not a hypocrite
10 Buttercup is good role model, Danny is bad role model

Yeah! Buttercup teaches you to have sympathy for others for your bad actions and to apologize, she also teaches you to never give up, and that you do not need to have an ability someone else has to be cool, you always will have something unique about yourself. Danny teaches you to be arrogant and to be self-centered, and to be rude to your siblings. - AnimeDrawer

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