Top Ten Ways Caillou is Better Than Dora the Explorer

Caillou is much better than Dora the Explorer! Here's why...

The Top Ten

1 Caillou has different plots every episode / Dora has the same plot over and over

None of them are better than the other. They both suck. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Even though both shows suck. I have to say that Dora is better than Caillou because at least Dora doesn't cry unlikely Caillou.

Neither is actually "better"


2 Caillou is smart / Dora can't locate things next to her

Caillou and Dora are dumb! They both suck!

Dora: no
IAA Caillou: die
;gun shot fires;
Dora doges it
IAA Caillou DIE!
gun shot fired
Dora dies
IAA Boris: Caillou is grounded grounded for forever

3 The way Dora gets rid of swiper
4 Caillou is funny / Dora is just retarded

How is Caillou whining funny? I know, Its Not. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

5 Caillou talks to actual people / Dora Talks to Inanimate objects
6 Caillou's Best Friends are People / Dora's best friend is a monkey
7 Dora sings all the time / Caillou never sings

Well, actually, Caillou sings sometimes and his songs are good, but Dora sings EVERY EPISODE AND HER SONGS ARE WORSE THAN "BABY" AND "CRYDAY" - SFTF2Fans360Alex

8 Caillou's parents care for him / Dora's parents let her wander around the world without supervision
9 Caillou is adorable / Dora is ugly

Excuse me, since when was a whiny, bratty bald FOUR YEAR OLD adorable?

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10 Everything in Dora the Explorer is a living thing
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