Top Ten Ways Caillou is Better Than Dora the Explorer

Caillou is much better than Dora the Explorer! Here's why...

The Top Ten

1 Caillou has different plots every episode / Dora has the same plot over and over

At least it's always a different episode. Dora's the same thing over and over. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I have never even heard of Caillou but I know who Dora the Explorer is. Guessing Dora is more in/famous.

There’s one plot where Caillou plays piano - CaillouFanatic

None of them are better than the other. They both suck. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 Caillou is funny / Dora is just retarded

Can you see what Dora is saying? Good you are older than 6.

Caillou's even funny in my series.

"Time for me to play my very own piano" - CaillouFanatic

Caillou's tantrums are kind of funny. Homer Simpsons's funnier though. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

They are both retarded. - Datguyisweird666

3 Caillou is smart / Dora can't locate things next to her

Dora is asking obvious questions too little ones.
We can see them.

Only thing that makes sense.

Caillou and Dora are dumb! They both suck!

Dora: no
IAA Caillou: die
;gun shot fires;
Dora doges it
IAA Caillou DIE!
gun shot fired
Dora dies
IAA Boris: Caillou is grounded grounded for forever

4 The way Dora gets rid of swiper

She tells him no swiping - CaillouFanatic

5 Caillou talks to actual people / Dora Talks to Inanimate objects

Let's hope that in a million years no one ever invents a talking backpack or any other inanimate objects that Dora talks to.

6 Dora sings all the time / Caillou never sings

Actually Caillou sings - CaillouFanatic

Well, actually, Caillou sings sometimes and his songs are good, but Dora sings EVERY EPISODE AND HER SONGS ARE WORSE THAN "BABY" AND "CRYDAY" - SFTF2Fans360Alex

7 Caillou is adorable / Dora is ugly

Both are adorable

Both are ugly - Userguy44

Are you the same guy who made the list of top 10 reasons why caillou is better then spongebob

Are you the same guy who the list of top 10 reasons why follow is better then spongebob

8 Caillou's Best Friends are People / Dora's best friend is a monkey

His name is named after a footwear, Boots - CaillouFanatic

9 Caillou's parents care for him / Dora's parents let her wander around the world without supervision

Do you know what fiction and reality are?
Do you know who Ash Ketchum is a 10 year old who travels the world, he met his first friend because he broke her bike and she wanted a new one.

This is true a neat is more loved than Dora.

CGG sucks because they don’t care for him. - _ - - CaillouFanatic

10 Everything in Dora the Explorer is a living thing

The Contenders

11 Caillou helps kids get ready for school

CCCF1-10 teaches kids numbers - CaillouFanatic

No no no what a lie it teaches kids to cry
Hey that rhymed I guess it was a fun time

Sesame Street also does, and Yo Gabba Gabba also does - maddierocks

12 Caillou Teaches Kids How To Be Spoiled While Dora Teaches Kids Spanish Language Skills

It’s not how to be spoiled - CaillouFanatic

13 Caillou is bald

That is not a reason - CaillouFanatic

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