Top Ten Ways Chat Noir is Better Than Danny Phantom

I made this list because i am DP hater and Chat Noir famgirl. Since i always saw Randy Cunningham VS Danny Phantom, how about Chat Noir VS Danny Phantom? Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Chat Noir has fun and attractive characters, while Danny is a bland and boring character

Neither adrien nor danny are boring or bland, please wake up and realise that you don't have to criminalise one character to praise the other.

2 Chat Noir has awesome weapons and superpowers

And so does danny! see, it's all settled.

Danny Phantom has lame weapons and outfit - Stevenuniversefangirl

3 Chat Noir is funny
4 Chat Noir makes his show interesting
5 Chat Noir is cuter
6 Chat Noir is underrated while Danny Phantom is overrated
7 Chat Noir is hotter

Look at the eyes.-Vestalis

8 Danny Phantom fans are more annoying than Chat Noir fans
9 Chat Noir is not a gary stu
10 Chat Noir is more handsome than Danny Phantom

The Contenders

11 Chat Noir can sing, while Danny Phantom can't
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