Top Ten Ways Cinnamon Toast Crunch Is Better Than Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

The Top Ten

1 Cinnamon toast crunch is yummy

These lists are hilarious. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I'm sorry.
I don't like the song Anaconda, but I've hated Cinnamon toast crunch since FOREVER like more than 7 years. Cinnamon is disgusting, bleh. - Luckys

Lol, a cereal to a song, this is so hillarious! - JoeBoi

Lol! This list made me laugh!

2 CTC Isn't About A Butt


3 Everybody loves CTC
4 Anaconda sucks
5 Everyone hates anaconda

Well, this is the most random list I have ever seen. But it's true, and yes, everyone hates Anaconda. - Popsicles

6 CTC is Not Sexy

Nicki Minaj isn't either,she just thinks she is.

7 Cinnamon Toast Crunch leaves a good taste in your mouth

Did you just call Nicki Minaj sexy?! - Himalayansalt

8 It's not about butts
9 It's not disgusting
10 Anaconda is Trash

It indeed is, more than trash - Swampert02

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