Top Ten Ways to Combat Physical Pain

Please note: this won't help if you are dying/bleeding out, or if you broke/fractured a bone

Got hit in the balls? At least once in your life this has happened to many men

Punched in the breast? Just as bad for women

They are sensitive spots, and sensitive spots always cause problems, especially if it is pain. you'll be crying, screaming, wishing for it to go away.

For this list, I will state a couple of methods that will help ward off pain at its peak, since everyone hates the experience unless seasoned, which this will help out

Wish to contribute, add your own tips, and see if it is the best method mentioned. if it is, you just helped combat the burning pain that is as bad as childbirth.

The Top Ten

1 Embrace the pain

This works for low-medium levels of pain, like getting falcon punched in the arm. don't try to treat it straight away, as it is more painful

Let your body go limp (figuratively, like barely any control) while standing and the pain will actually die out quickly, and when it does, tense and it will ward off a lot of the potential searing it could done

If you guys know what I mean, then this is definitely a good method - cheeseskates

2 Painkillers

This is obviously the best way, but I made it 2nd (in the lists making) due to the following reasons

1. it isn't always with you
2. it cannot be quickly done, unless you predicted the future
3. chance to cause long - term cases

Otherwise, it wards off the pain just for relaxing, however, it could be short lived depending on the product. otherwise, this is the method you usually want to take first. - cheeseskates

3 Ignore it as best as you can

Pain thrives on your reaction, and if you react to pain, it gets stronger

Like the famous wipe out, like falling off a bike, if you continue your activity as normal, it won't be so painful, and pain is always temporary, so it's not so bad

Even if you look ridiculous, maybe do a little dance when you get up. - cheeseskates

I did this when my wisdom tooth came in a few years ago. It worked...most of the time.

4 Fight Fire with Fire

If pain is very bad, you can try to redirect it to a less important/stronger part of the body

Obviously a bad idea if done wrong, but what do you want, pain in the balls, or the legs? Thought so

Like an electroshock, it's worse on the neck, but not so bad on the legs/arms, so if your eager for peace, your gonna need to fight for it. - cheeseskates

5 Wait it out

Wisdom teeth pain sometimes doesn't go away...

If you think these methods (other than painkillers) are bad ideas, then a good choice is to wait it out.

It'll go eventually, - cheeseskates

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