Top Ten Ways to Complete the Phrase "Couples Who _____ Together, _____ Together"

We've heard the idiom about couples who do certain things together end up staying together, but what else can couples do that lead to specific results? Let's hear your best idioms relating to couples within the format of the title.

The Top Ten

1 Couples who skydive with no parachutes together, go splat together

...Or maybe bounce, depending on the density of the surface and the angle of contact

Mabye an umbrella would be useful...

2 Couples who eat together, grow together

Studies show growth usually occurs in the waistband

3 Couples who get drunk together, share a cab together

Unfortunately, the cab usually ends up covered in puke and gets directions to the wrong house

4 Couples who share Facebook accounts together, stalk each others exes together

What else is Facebook for? You mean there's another reason? What's that like...?

5 Couples who slay together, stay together

The motto of serial killer couples. - Garythesnail

My crime thriller confirms this - bobbythebrony

6 Couples who game together, stay together

Because video games are fun! - RiverClanRocks

7 Couples who kill together, go on trial together
8 Couples who kill little boys together, die in the gas chamber together

Not in 1939, they didn't. - Puga

9 Couples who do nothing together, divorce together
10 Couples that can't work it out together, get divorced together

The Contenders

11 Couples who live together, die together

Of course they do! - Fandom_Lover

real talk - dtheking

12 Couples that cringe together stay together
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