Top 10 Ways to Control Your Anger


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1 Hit a Punching Bag

I do a martial art, which involves punching and kicking stuffed shields a lot. It's a great way to both stay fit and clear your thoughts. - PositronWildhawk

This will not make you calm down, it will make you be more angry.

2 Take a Walk
3 Play Video Games

The best way to Punch people and steal a rocket launcher and get the nuclear mod and destroy EVERYTHING

This actually helps! - Ananya

Well I was playing a Roblox Obby and then I got so mad I pushed my desktop off the table (not on purpose, the table shook) and it broke

4 Take a Deep Breath
5 Talk to a Buddy

That increases my anger - Ananya

6 Sit Down and Think
7 Listen to Music

This works well if you like the music a lot. Singing along/dancing helps. - Grayson

Just play some Deicide. They're a good stress reliever.

I find that listening to something really heavy helps a lot more. If I'm angry, listening to Pink Floyd or The Ramones isn't helpful, but Cattle Decapitation, Meshuggah, Slayer, Napalm Death, Goatwhore, etc. gets it all out - ryanrimmel

8 Get a Drink of Water
9 Sleep
10 Masturbate

Nah. This doesn't help.

This doesn't help me. Like, at all.

The Contenders

11 Punch Your Pillow
12 Don't Think About It

That's difficult - Ananya


13 Cuss

I'm a pretty foul mouthed dude angry or not, so it doesn't do much for me - ryanrimmel

I don't like to turn cussing into a habit because the more I cuss, the less affect it has.

14 Put a Rubber Band Around Your Wrist and Pull It

I do this to stop myself from killing anyone who makes me angry, it works

Hmm, how many people did you kill before you discovered this deterrent? - Billyv

15 Count to Ten
16 See Something You Like
17 Watch a Funny Show or Movie
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