Top 10 Ways to Cope with Depression as a Student in School

So far, 10th and 11th Grade were the most depressing years of school for me. I'm just getting off from school and I SURVIVED so far (Class of 2019 yes!)

This can apply whether you are in elementary school all the way up to you being an adult trying to complete education for a certain degree.

The Top Ten Ways to Cope with Depression as a Student in School

1 Write how you feel down in a book and get someone to talk to about your feelings

Now in this day in age, I wouldn't suggest sharing how you feel to your peers but maybe someone like a teacher, a school counselor, or a principal. From my experience, people understand me more if I'm writing down then just speaking verbally out loud. I have a soft and quiet speaking voice talking to adults and I tend to slur up my words and I would have to repeat myself many times. With writing, you don't have to try to come up with words in your head quickly because for me, sometimes when people ask me questions, I'm very hesitant.

2 Confront yourself about your habits during your feelings of depression but don't be too hard on yourself

I feel that once you know and acknowledge what you're doing wrong, you will slowly start to get better. I'm not saying your habits are wrong though but mine are. Like I've said before, write your self-confrontations down and try to get someone you trust to read them.(if self-confortation is a word)

3 Be hopeful

Say "I may be depressed in school right now but I know that I'm going to make it because I refuse to give up." like a positive affirmation, give your mind power and keep repeating that in your head.

4 Get your grades up or keep your grades up

Having good grades is a mood booster, right? With good grades, you can do anything! Keep focused on your studies, that may keep your mind off of depression, right? If not, if they allow you, bring something small for you to de-stress on. Personally, I bring my drawing tools. Drawing is a big de-stresser for me, also music or youtube videos too.

5 Bring a picture of something you love to school

No matter who you are, even if you're a depressed individual, you have something you take pleasure in. Bring in a picture of your favorite actor, favorite anime character, anything! Take the picture out and look at it for a few seconds to minutes if you're feeling sad.

6 Think of something/someone you love

Similar as above. For me, I think of one of my favorite Steven Universe characters or one of my own characters I make myself. It makes me feel so happy when I think about them!

7 If you're taking prescriptions, stay on top of it. But if you feel as if the prescription isn't working, speak up to your doctor or counselor

Or even look up some remedies, try taking certain vitamins, or incorporate vitamin rich foods in your diet. Some say depression can may be from a bad diet and a toxic gut. I was very LOW on vit D a while ago. My mom who is a nurse said to me that vitamin D may be one of my causes for depression. I had a whole 2 years worth of vitamin d pills, I am no longer low on vit D but still I feel depressed sometimes but not like it used to be from a few months to years ago.

8 When your day is over, go outside for a bit and get some fresh air or go for a walk

Let me tell you something, in 11th grade, second semester was a miserable time for me. A event kick started a depressive stage for the rest of the school year. It started with a girl rejecting me ( which was fine but the way she did it was rude) and things started to fall apart. Nothing would make me happy and felt alone, isolated and unhappy even when surrounded by friends. I didn't tell anyone cause figured they wouldn't care, even if they did it may not have helped. I knew only ME could get out of this on my own, and in time I did. In hindsight my advice is get some fresh air, walk and TELL SOMEONE, ANYONE, EVEN ME - RustyNail

I'm not allowed to even walk 1/2 of a block unless if someone's with me, though I'm nearly 17. If that's the case, walk a couple of steps then go back to your first step and repeat.

9 Try soothing crystals, lotions, etc.

If you at least want to try or if you believe in that stuff. One time I came in the counselor's office crying and she gave me soothing lotion to put on my arms and sniff, I sneezed a lot and my eyes and nose were running either because I'm allergic or it smelled too strong but it helped. I'm not too sure about crystals though. I have read into a lot of crystals because you know, I'm apart of the Steven Universe fandom, lol. (I'm running out of ideas, helpp)

10 Get rid of toxic and fake people

Once I stopped keeping in touch my best friend, I feel better. Lonely but better. Maybe one day, I'll have some friends better than all the "friends" I had all 16 1/2 of my life.

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