Top Ten Ways the World Could End During the 21st Century

Which ways do you think are most likey for the world to end during the 21st century?

The Top Ten

1 Asteroid collision

Wouldn't even think about it. - Userguy44

Asteroids enter the Earth's atmosphere quite often but they are small enough to be decimated by the Earth's magnetic field before impact. A big one could easily come and wipe us all out. - junior1337

Dinosaurs died,and maybe now it's our turn

2 Global warming

This will take a long time first before this will cause a total destruction. - Userguy44

Is it really so bad we could melt ourselves before the century's end? - junior1337

3 Terrorism

That would be horrible. - Userguy44

What if a massive terrorist attack occured that could destroy the world? - junior1337

4 Aliens destroy it

But what if Aliens are nice? - Userguy44

This is probably unrealistic, but imagine if an advanced alien race found us and decimated us? - junior1337

Aliens won't care, we will be incapable of interfering with them. - Kaboom

5 Zombie apocalypse

Lets fight zombies! - Userguy44

Who made this list

What if some zombie virus outbreak occured and rapidly infected all life on the Earth, even plants? - junior1337

Plants would then release zombie gas and whole planet even Madagascar and Antarctica.would be infected

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6 Nuclear war

Nukes aren't used anymore, and for good reason: Just a few could destroy us all! - junior1337

7 Black hole

That would be the most painful thing ever. Can't even imagine what happens with your body parts. - Userguy44

What if a black hole sucked the Earth up right now? I think that would SUCK. Get it? - junior1337

8 Robots take over

If robots took over, I don't think they would destroy the planet, but life as we know it... - junior1337

9 The big crunch

This is the theory that gravity makes the universe implode. Imagine if that happened during this century! - junior1337

10 The sun dies

What if the Sun suddenly stopped shining? We would all freaze to death! And, if it were to expand like science predicts, eat us first! - junior1337

The Contenders

11 Jupiter knocks earth off its axis
12 The sun explodes
13 Saturn's satellites get attracted towards Jupiter whose gravity rotates and throws them towards earth
14 The moon enters earth's atmosphere

There is a movie where the moon comes closer to the earth actually. - Userguy44

15 Supervolcano
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