Top Ten Ways to Create Political Change in a Democracy


The Top Ten

1 Vote

It's easy and it's the main cause of political change. You can't complain if you don't bother to vote. - Y2K

2 Run for Political Office

You don't have to run for president - start by running for school board, or the state legislature, or city council. Even if you lose, you can make your mark on the race. And if you win, you're in the best position possible to influence your laws. - Y2K

3 Talk to Your Political Representatives

Call, email, write a letter, go to their event, or even visit their office if you can. Chances are they listen to powerful and big-money interests all the time, so it can be great for them to hear the concerns of ordinary people for a change. - Y2K

4 Volunteer

There are so many ways to volunteer your time and efforts in politics. You could volunteer for political nonprofits and important causes. Or you could volunteer for a candidate, for a political party, for a polling place, or for an elected official. - Y2K

5 Donate Money to a Politician or an Advocacy Group

The main problem with this one is that large corporations tend to abuse this ability, which leads to political corruption. - tgbhj

6 Attend Meetings of Your Local Government

Town hall meetings, city council meetings, school board meetings, etc - Y2K

7 Create a Support Group or Advocacy Group
8 Write an Opinion Article
9 Talk to Others About the Issues
10 Become a News Reporter
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