Top Ten Best Ways to Cure Hiccups


The Top Ten

1 Get startled

Believe me, it works ALL the time. It scares you SO bad! Maybe you'll be so scared while playing that your hiccups are gonna be gone! - ChicaTheGamer

Like it works all the time play Five Nights At Freddy's and kiss your hiccups goodbye - ChicaTheGamer

I meant play five nights at freddy's for that one.. - ChicaTheGamer

Five nights at Freddys YOOO - ChicaTheGamer

2 Hold your breath

Anything that takes the attention away from your diaphragm, I believe... - keycha1n

This doesn't work for me though. - Minecraftcrazy530

Hiccups acts as a response to your excess of oxigen in the body, I think. By not breathing, you are kind of controling it bringing levels back to normal and the diafragma will stop contracting constantly. Or at least, that's popular belief. - keyson

3 Forget about it

This would be kind of hard. - OhioStateBuckeyes

4 Drink water
5 Eat ice cream
6 Hang upside down
7 Think of the ugliest person you have seen
8 Dance naked

Because you will break the mirror and that will scare u

9 Drink Pineapple Juice
10 Drink Water with a Paper Towel

Drink water with a paper towel over it it workes don't do it if it's a tissue that wont work is has to be like a towel you use to wash windows and cars

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