Top Ten Ways to Deal With a Creepy Teacher

The Top Ten

1 Wear a hoodie and look down with shame
2 Tell him to stop looking at you

Tried that, does not work

3 Give him a wife or girlfriend
4 Beat him up for looking at you along time
5 Call him a pervert
6 Call 911

This and #7 are the best options. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 Tell your parents

This unfortunately does not always work :(

8 Skip school
9 Become homeschooled
10 Report them


Creeps don't bother me but if I seen someone staring creepily at someone I care about I would be really concerned. They should lose their job and be replaced ASAP - Jonerman

The Contenders

11 Lie and say your a man

It might not even be close to the best idea, but it's a funny one - kempokid

12 Tell him/her not to stand so close to you

Tried that, got in trouble instead.

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