Top Ten Ways Demi Lovato Is Better Than Taylor Swift

Honestly, Taylor Swift is overrated, and a mean girl. Demi is waay better. Let's see why.

The Top Ten

1 Demi isn't a baby
2 Demi doesn't need her girl squad to make her famous/protect her from the world
3 Demi isn't a whiner
4 Taylor is only famous for her ex-boyfriends
5 Demi can sing

Both of them can. - Firemist

6 Demi has better songs

How could she has great song when she write a few songs about sex of her abum, Confident. - BeaM456

7 Demi isn't a mean girl

Neither is Taylor! Get your facts straight!

8 Demi has a personality
9 Taylor is overrated
10 Demi is stronger

Demi inspired women to be comfortable with themselves no matter what size they are. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is claiming herself to be a feminist when she breaks up with any man she dates. But her (Taylor Swift) feminism is all part of an act. Demi is a way better role model than Taylor Swift.

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