Ways to Describe Anti-Bronies/MLP Haters


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1 Bandwagoners

While it is true that there are many MLP haters that bandwagon, there are also many that don't. I don't like MLP because I just couldn't get into it. It just wasn't my thing, ya know? I'm more into action and things like that. - Absolite

Glad I'm not one of those gender-based stereotype haters, I found My Little Pony to be more separate from other girl shows and what else, they force others to hate it for the sake of hating it - Neonco31

99% of them are just bandwagons to hate MLP only because the girly looks. - ChatNoirFan18

2 Hypersensitive
3 Hypocrite

That sums it up, they say they bully them first and they are more nicer but they keep doing it anyway - Neonco31

Call bronies mean and disrespectful, although theyself are mean and disrespectful. - ChatNoirFan18

4 Bullies

Bring this to the top, ASAP! - Neonco31

One guy on internet called me gay just because I'm brony
well, I blocked him and called some pegasisters and bronyes to block and report him. - Garoto_Oceano

5 Disrespectful
6 Evil
7 Respect Beggar

All they want are the respects from other haters although theyself are disrespectful. - ChatNoirFan18

8 Annoying

They keep complains about their hatred of MLP 24 hours/7 days. - ChatNoirFan18

9 Obnoxious
10 Discriminative

"MLP is only for girls! Boys should never watch it. It's girly! "

Yet, they never said that to Madoka Magica before they watch the 3-12 episodes or hear the ending. - ChatNoirFan18

The Contenders

11 Haters
12 Cringeworthy
13 Trolls

The majority of anti-bronies are either trolls trying to attack whom they perceive are easy targets or just butthurt over the existence of the MLP fandom. While bronies are immature, anti-bronies are even more clownish and childish.

14 Never Shut Up
15 Disrespectful towards MLP fans
16 Fanbratty
17 Donald Trump Supporters Donald Trump Supporters
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