Ways to Describe Anti-Bronies/MLP Haters

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1 Bullies

Anyone on either side of the isle can be a bully. - IcetailofWishClan

Bring this to the top, ASAP! - Neonco31

Agreed. - SimplyTwilight13

This is the stupidest list ever. In my opinion. Worse than "MLP FIM > Liv and Maddie". - alazeemrasaq2005

2 Hypersensitive

Ya because being an obese 18-30 year old who still lives in his moms basement,watches a show that is meant for 5-12 year old girls and sending death threats to people is totally mature but being against that stuff is hypersensitive.Bronies are some of the biggest hypocrites ever.-LitSavage

Lol,no that's what bronies are because bronies can't handle opinions and just send death threats-TheCoolGuy1

3 Evil
4 Disrespectful

People should respect other people’s opinions. We are all different in many ways and liking my little pony can be one of them. Being a young fan, I used to get teased for liking it, I would get called names but I pulled through. My true friends never made fun of me and I think those haters should think twice before they mess with the mlp fan community.
# mlp forever

Some haters can be. Not all of them are, though. - IcetailofWishClan

5 Hypocrite

Yes they are they hate mlp because it's girly but they praise powerpuff girls and kim possible - BoyGenius234

That sums it up, they say they bully them first and they are more nicer but they keep doing it anyway - Neonco31

6 Haters
7 Discriminative
8 Bandwagoners

While it is true that there are many MLP haters that bandwagon, there are also many that don't. I don't like MLP because I just couldn't get into it. It just wasn't my thing, ya know? I'm more into action and things like that. - Absolite

Glad I'm not one of those gender-based stereotype haters, I found My Little Pony to be more separate from other girl shows and what else, they force others to hate it for the sake of hating it - Neonco31

9 Annoying
10 Obnoxious

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11 Respect Beggar
12 Cringeworthy
13 SJW's

Do you know how many times I've been called a misogynist for liking MLP? It's stupid.

I'm a brony, and I've been called a rape apologist.

14 Trolls

The majority of anti-bronies are either trolls trying to attack whom they perceive are easy targets or just butthurt over the existence of the MLP fandom. While bronies are immature, anti-bronies are even more clownish and childish.

15 Never Shut Up
16 Criminals

Reason I say this is these idiots send out death, violence threats to bronies and even say crap like "we need a second Holocaust." Do these retards know death threats and violence threats are illegal and can get you thrown in jail?

Ok this list just proves why Anti-Bronies/MLP Haters exist.

17 Disrespectful towards MLP fans
18 Fanbratty
19 Donald Trump Supporters

LOL WHAT - TheOneGuyBrony

LOL what?

20 Sexist
21 Awesome

Anti MLP people are awesome because they just voice their opinion but stupid bronies get triggered and throw a hissy fit-TheCoolGuy1

I'm against Anti-bronies being awesome, but man, This was a good opinion! - TheOneGuyBrony

22 Sane

Agreed with thecoolguy1. we're not peolpe who obsess over a girl's how!

23 Better than People who Ponify things
24 Nice and Caring
25 Exaggerated
26 Stereotyped
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