Ways to Describe Anti-Bronies/MLP Haters

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1 Bullies

Anyone on either side of the isle can be a bully. - IcetailofWishClan

Agreed. - SimplyTwilight13

Bring this to the top, ASAP! - Neonco31

This is the stupidest list ever. In my opinion. Worse than "MLP FIM > Liv and Maddie". - alazeemrasaq2005

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2 Hypersensitive

Ya because being an obese 18-30 year old who still lives in his moms basement,watches a show that is meant for 5-12 year old girls and sending death threats to people is totally mature but being against that stuff is hypersensitive.Bronies are some of the biggest hypocrites ever.-LitSavage

Lol,no that's what bronies are because bronies can't handle opinions and just send death threats-TheCoolGuy1

3 Evil
4 Disrespectful

Some haters can be. Not all of them are, though. - IcetailofWishClan

5 Hypocrite

Yes they are they hate mlp because it's girly but they praise powerpuff girls and kim possible - BoyGenius234

That sums it up, they say they bully them first and they are more nicer but they keep doing it anyway - Neonco31

6 Haters
7 Discriminative
8 Bandwagoners

While it is true that there are many MLP haters that bandwagon, there are also many that don't. I don't like MLP because I just couldn't get into it. It just wasn't my thing, ya know? I'm more into action and things like that. - Absolite

Glad I'm not one of those gender-based stereotype haters, I found My Little Pony to be more separate from other girl shows and what else, they force others to hate it for the sake of hating it - Neonco31

9 Annoying
10 Obnoxious

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11 Respect Beggar
12 Cringeworthy
13 SJW's

Do you know how many times I've been called a misogynist for liking MLP? It's stupid.

I'm a brony, and I've been called a rape apologist.

14 Trolls

The majority of anti-bronies are either trolls trying to attack whom they perceive are easy targets or just butthurt over the existence of the MLP fandom. While bronies are immature, anti-bronies are even more clownish and childish.

15 Never Shut Up
16 Criminals

Reason I say this is these idiots send out death, violence threats to bronies and even say crap like "we need a second Holocaust." Do these retards know death threats and violence threats are illegal and can get you thrown in jail?

Ok this list just proves why Anti-Bronies/MLP Haters exist.

17 Disrespectful towards MLP fans
18 Fanbratty
19 Donald Trump Supporters Donald Trump Supporters

LOL what?

20 Sexist
21 Awesome

Anti MLP people are awesome because they just voice their opinion but stupid bronies get triggered and throw a hissy fit-TheCoolGuy1

22 Sane

Agreed with thecoolguy1. we're not peolpe who obsess over a girl's how!

23 Better than People who Ponify things
24 Nice and Caring
25 Exaggerated
26 Stereotyped
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