Top 10 Ways to Describe Buttercup

I'll be making quiet a LOT of "Ways To Describe" lists starting now and this is my next list, Top 10 Ways To Describe Buttercup

The Top Ten

1 Awesome

That's what makes her my favorite! - Crystalsnow

That is 100%, she has a weird personality in an awesome way that makes me relate to her. And we both have a dislike for things that are too feminine, and love video games and physical activity and adventure. I can totally relate to her as misunderstood. And she loves rock music like I do!

Buttercup is awesome!

Thanks for this list! And yes, I am happy ChatNoirFan18.

2 Badass

Obviously, just watch her in the PPG intro. And her fights, especially in the earlier episodes.

In a good way - Neonco31

3 Green

Of course she is green, not blue, not pink, but green. And that color suits her as well.

She's color green - Neonco31

4 Tomboy

She sometimes is feminine like her sisters, but is more of a tomboy, and an awesome one. I hate the color pink and girly shows like Buttercup.

5 Better than Rainbow Dash

I should understand humility over Buttercup - If I were Rainbow Dash - Neonco31

That is 100% true, and again and again this was said. But again by Neonco31. But is true, at least Buttercup is not an annoying showoff with an earbleeding voice. In the reboot, she is almost as bad as Rainbow Dash.

6 Cute

Well of course people like large eyes.

7 Spicy

She was made with spice, that is why. I wonder how she would react if she ate spicy food?

That's her element. Spice - Neonco31

8 Caring

She gave up her crush on Ace to save her sisters from being killed. And she punched one of the Rowdyruff Boys on their tounge when she saw Bubbles getting bullied by them. She is quite protective of her sisters.

9 Overrated

More like underrated! - Crystalsnow

I know someone added this! - Neonco31

10 Funny

That is true, she makes us laugh. There was one episode where she was flying a helicopter and she tried shooting down the monster. But then the monster grabbed the helicopter she was in and spinned it really quick back down to the ground. Then Buttercup came out once the helicopter landed on the ground and her face turned green! Lol! And she walked in a really hilarious, lopsided way and then she threw up in a garbage can! I laughed so hard when I saw that!

The Contenders

11 Incredible
12 Cool
13 Tough
14 Relatable
15 Sick

In policromasol I saw buttercup being shivering ehen shes sick in the sick picture

16 Jerk
17 Adorable
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