Top Ten Ways to Describe Chris Brown


The Top Ten

1 Zero Talent


2 Abusive
3 Garbage
4 Terrible
5 Unpleasant
6 Offensive
7 Rude
8 Annoying
9 Childish
10 Disgrace

The Newcomers

? Singer with an Annoying Voice

The Contenders

11 Great Big Jerk
12 Retarded

Yup he is retarded

13 Horrible
14 Very Catchy Music
15 Chris Clown

He is a Clown. - AlphaQ

16 Woman Beater

*I beat up Chris Brown beating up little kids like Edward Cullen from Twilight and bloodily dies by his whole body exploding*

I agree

He was so mean and selfish to Rihanna,and his fans hate her too for no reason since she didn't do anything wrong,I'll say he's so untalented,he CANNOT rap,dance,play instruments and sing at all,his voice is too choppy and nasal,ew! If you're a fan of him...stop hating on Rihanna,she's just a beautiful girl living in her dream,she's talented,and she works very hard on her work!
Leave Rihanna alone! :(

17 Disgusting
18 Violent
19 Responsible for Destroying R&B

I agree - waraypiso

Also, The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller, August Alsina, Trey Songz, are destroying good R&B music. - waraypiso

20 A Joke
21 Perverted

Yes, the song privacy proves this. - DaWyteNight

22 Poop
23 Ugly
24 Awesome

I respect him

25 The King of All Singers
26 Musically Decent

He is not great but he has made some good songs, and that's coming from someone who knows of his awful personality and can't forgive him personality-wise. - SelfDestruct

27 Used to Be Decent but Now Really Sucks
28 Overrated
29 G.O.A.T.

Hate all you want but Chris is one of the most consistent and hard working artist in the game. Name ONE artist that can sing, rap, dance, draw/paint, produce, write, direct, hoop, do mma and the list goes on... You make hate on him because of his past but you can’t take away his talent.

30 Best Singer that Ever Lived
31 A Nobody
32 Horrible Role Model
33 Awful Voice
34 A wack rapper.
35 Super Wack
36 Crap
37 Pathetic Excuse for a Singer
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