Top Ten Ways to Describe Dante from the Devil May Cry Series

The Top Ten

1 Cool

Awesome dude - DarkBoi-X

100% true.Dante is my favourite video game I have seen.-TheCoolGuy1

2 Sexy

Hell yeah, sexiest man alive.

3 Cocky

Cocky in a good way - DarkBoi-X

4 Funny
5 Flirtatious
6 Just Hot in General
7 Rebellious
8 Demon Slayer
9 Half Human, Half Demon
10 Powerful

The Contenders

11 Not sexist
12 Better Than Wendy

Better than Bayonetta and no I'm not sexist

13 Sexist

How exactly - DarkBoi-X

That's Princess Peach - hunnyqueen09

How? - hunnyqueen09

14 A Real Turn-On
15 Awesome
16 The Best
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