Top 10 Ways to Describe Donald Trump

I kinda hate Donald Trump now. Here is a list of how you can desribe him.

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1 Racist Racist

Liberals have been taught that throwing out the word "racist" is so powerful, that only two reactions can result: The person immediately stops whatever they are doing, no matter how benign or even beneficial, in order to avoid anyone even thinking he/she might be racist. Otherwise, that person is automatically guilty as charged, regardless of the facts. Somebody like Trump who ignores their tactics just infuriates them to no end.

Well he hasn't killed any Jewish people.

People say Trump is racist, but Hilary is the real racist. She admires someone with KKK ties(who was her mentor by the way), and she doesn't see Blacks and other minorities as people, she sees them as votes. She claims she'll help them, but if she wins, she won't do anything for them. - Therandom

I agree. She also referred to black teenagers as "Super Predators". - 1337

Most of the young gamers here don't even know what the word "racist" means, it has become a liberal buzzword that is divorced from its actual meaning.

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2 Stupid

And the genius who made this list can look forward to a rewarding career dancing with a wet-mop through the bathrooms at Hotel 6.

My God, this reason is so false. How else is he a billionaire? - Therandom

More Stupid than a stupid hoe - Neonco31

He is smart enough to be more successful than anybody reading this will ever be, although Hillary is now claiming she can't remember anything about her e-mails or Benghazi due to a bad fall where she hit her head and got a serious concussion.

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3 Greedy

An extremely incorrect statement, you can't avoid paying your employees, that would literally be impossible. Just shows again that the Hillary lovers lack critical thinking skills.

Have you noticed that he is in every category of people who would benifit from his presidency? - Kaboom

4 Annoying

He promises a lot of stuff he probably can't do. - Oliveleaf

5 No Knowledge of Politics

Sounds just like any other politician to me. I really hope he gets elected; the world needs a good laugh. - Britgirl

No knowledge? Have you seen him in the debates? He knew pretty much everything that was asked. - Therandom

He does make sense, you just don't like what he says. He has better plans than Hilary. And he has addressed the debt OBAMA made. He's gonna fix it. - Therandom

6 Corrupt

As opposed to Hillary Clinton, who made $100 million during August alone, doing fundraiser after fundraiser with elite-class, mostly secret donors. Even the former king of corruption, Lyndon Johnson was too old school to be able to keep up with Hillary Clinton's corruption level.

This and the last reasons describe hillary - RyanMtheGamer

Donald Trump is the definition of corrupt - Kaboom

How is trump corrupt? - Therandom

7 Ugly

Trump's old. He looked pretty good in his 20's. Hilary never looked good. - Therandom

No offense, but he is hideous. - Powerfulgirl10

Hillary is 69 years old, Trump is 70 years old, you sound like you are engaging in "ageism" by criticizing an old person's looks.
Going back to when both were in their 20's, Trump was rather handsome, Hillary was... not.

8 Anti-Mexican

Anti-Mexicans are Hitlers

People who don't realize he is only anti illegals can go poke themselves.

*Anti Illegals. - Therandom

Anti-Mexicans can go poke themselves. - AnonymousChick

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9 Way Better Than Hillary Clinton

I wouldn't call myself a Trump supporter. There are some things about him that I don't agree with. He is better than Hillary Clinton. In fact, anyone is a better choice than Hillary Clinton. Because Hillary Clinton is a warmonger. She wants to take the US to war with Russia. She is a crooked liar. She had people killed. She supports this third-wave feminism rubbish. And she's no better than Bush or Obama. When Donald Trump talks about illegal immigration into the US and deporting immigrants who could be drug dealers and terrorists, I 100% agree with him. I also like the fact that he is against feminism. I really like the fact that he wants the US to have peace with Russia. Hillary would start World War 3 if she got in. I am just so glad that Hillary Clinton didn't get in. - ThePwoperMuser101

Change "better" to "worse" and I would believe you. - Kaboom

10 Great

Kaboom is an idiot - Maddox121

Whoever added this is an idiot, Donald Trump is not great. - Kaboom

He's the best!

He's the very best like no one ever was
To make the wall is his real test
To catch the illegals and deport them is his cause

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? Egotistical

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11 Anti-Muslim

I have to go through a very invasive background check just to get a basic job, any immigrant should do the same thing before coming in.

He wants to have them go through a complete background check before immigrating to this country. What a concept!

Just Muslims from terrorist countries. - Therandom

12 Whiny Little Bitch

Little? He is too fat to be little, but I agree with the rest. - Kaboom

13 Smart

If you agree with this, you are not smart - Kaboom

14 Rich

He got it all from his dad. - Kaboom

He's worth $4.5 billion after all. - Mrveteran


15 Funny

It won't be funny if he wins - Kaboom

Yea funny LOOKING

16 Orange

Is this a racist one? - Neonco31

He looks like a damn orange - KPD2

Seriously? - Kaboom

17 Worse Than Hillary
18 Old
19 Idiotic

See my comment on stupid. - Therandom

20 Arrogant
21 War Lover

He doesn't care that ISIS will destroy the world if they are not stopped. - Kaboom

22 Intelligent

He is not intelligent. - Kaboom

23 Savage

What does this have to do with anything? - Pikachu7586

In a bad way - Kaboom

24 A Slug
25 Incestuous
26 Goldfish
27 Power-hungry
28 American Idiot
29 Disastrous
30 Not Racist

He is racist. - Kaboom

Counter argument, He only wants to get rid of the ILLEGAL immigrants. Keyword is illegal. - Pikachu7586

31 Anti-Illegal Immigrant

And a good reason, too. We need someone who can protect our country against terrorism.

32 Dumbass

This comment probably left by a hardcore gamer and cartoon viewer, thank God most of them can't vote, and would not leave the house even if they could.

He is a dumbass - Kaboom

33 As Bad as Hillary Clinton
34 Lesser of Two Evils
35 Overconfident
36 Perverted
37 Douchebag
38 Evil
39 Liar
40 Pedo
41 Mean
42 Selfish
43 A Greedy Dirtbag
44 A Big Fat Liar
45 Sexy
46 Thicc
47 Handsome
48 Fascist
49 Little Rascal
50 Pure Evil
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