Top Ten Ways to Describe Dora the Explorer

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1 Worst Nick Jr. Show

Worst Nick Jr. show, though there are worse shows out there like the Problem Solverz, this show is still terrible though. The songs stink and go like "We did it! We did it! " like nobody wants to listen to her garbage songs. A talking map? A talking backpack? What kind of show is this? The worst part is that I used to like this show. Also, Swiper no swiping is not going to work in real life. - AnimeDrawer

Possibly one of the worst shows of all time. - Catacorn

Probably should've changed this to "Worst T.V. Show." - Powerfulgirl10

Only the first 3 seasons (2000-2004) were simple and ok. It got annoying, complex, and repetitive after "Swiper the Explorer". - Kid_ethinederland

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2 Stupid

It sure is, and teaches kids a bunch of useless stuff. Dora asks "Where is the tree? " When it is right in front or behind her giant head. - AnimeDrawer

Dora is stupid, it takes her thirty seconds to see a giant mountain that is jutting out of the scenery that is very clearly where she needs to go. - EliHbk

It is. - micahisthebest

Dora: Where's the Mountain?
Everybody: RIGHT BHIND U RETARDED BITCH! - GriffinDoge

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3 Annoying

Her songs are annoying that they make me want to rip off my ears. "Backpack, backpack! " "I'm the map, I'm the map", like we already know that you are a backpack and a map. - AnimeDrawer

Dora sings like a screaming goat. - AnimeDrawer

She is annoying indeed - Neonco31

She is as annoying as crap. Dora is a sucktard. - Chromium

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4 Worst Show of All Time

Well here it is folks. A better way to describe this show. - Powerfulgirl10

There's a show far worse than Dora the Explorer. Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon.

Worse than Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig and Liv and Maddie. - AlphaQ

Put this higher - Neonco31

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5 Weird

it just is - HazzaInHisMazda

6 Lame
7 Terrible

So terrible indeed. - Chromium

8 Worse Than Keeping Up with the Kardasians
9 Disgraceful
10 Garbage

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11 Unpleasant

Argh! The violence! - micahisthebest

12 Mary Sue
13 Idiotic
14 Crappy
15 Cute

More like ugly. - Powerfulgirl10

Yeah, Dora is ugly, her head is in the shape of a football and her eyes look creepy. Shrek is cuter than Dora even though he is not cute. - AnimeDrawer

What the hell! Dora is the worst cartoon character of all times

What? No she's not! - Chromium

You mean the Donald Trump kinda cute? - micahisthebest

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16 Dangerous

Yes. It teaches children to go off without their parents' permission. - Chromium

More Dangerous Than Pokemon Go

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17 Fat

Dora looks she will explode if she eats another ice cream!

Fat Caillou is fatter than her

I'm ON 140 BUT DORA IS IN 9000


18 Football Head

Her head is so unusually huge, I think she should start painting it white with black spots

19 A Terrible Singer

As bad as Nicki Manaj (no offense) - micahisthebest

20 Atrocious
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