Top Ten Ways to Describe Dora the Explorer


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21 Crap
22 Mary Sue
23 Football Head

Her head is so unusually huge, I think she should start painting it white with black spots

24 Awesome

Well, I'm Neutral Over Dora But I Respect Their Opinion But Half Of The World Probably Hates This Show Because Of Spanish For Kids In A Spanish Class People Calling It Dora The Motherf***ing Explorer But Why? 3.8 Rating

Dora the Exploder is not awesome at all... - AlphaQ

Of course she isn't - micahisthebest

No it is not!

25 Disaster
26 Blind

She would be like, "Where's the rainforest? " RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

27 Atrocious
28 Creepy
29 Funny

No it's not funny. - Chromium

How is it funny!?! - micahisthebest

It's not funny - Neonco31

Not Funny At All - JPK

30 Graceful

It's so graceful! NOT! - micahisthebest


31 Caring

What the hell? No it is not!

32 Helpful

Dora make me want to die

Helpful? More like useless. - AnimeDrawer

No! - Neonco31

33 Ultra Naive
34 Dumb
35 Overrated
36 Deaf
37 Cancer

Dora Is Awful, But Calling Her Cancer Is Too Far - JPK

38 Evil
39 Disgusting
40 Scary V 1 Comment
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