Top Ten Ways to Describe Eminem


The Top Ten

1 Awesome

Just awesome, not wanna say anything else.

You'll never get bored - EpicJake


Yeah he is hot, he is talented, he is best rapper,he is rap God, he is cool, he is love❤...HE IS AWESOME.. WE LOVE YOU EM❤

2 Creative
3 Great Rapper

Favorite rapper! My inspiration!

He is a great rapper I love him


4 Talented

Slow? Have you heard Rap God? Not my cup of tea at all, but definitely shows he's a fast rapper. - keycha1n

Sorry, but he raps so slow it's basically just talking into the microphone. If you're gonna do it, at least put some effort in. It doesn't have to be good, because no rap I've heard is good, but at least try. He may be more sensible with lyrics, however they don't stem much further than society pressure. - IronSabbathPriest

Don't usually like rap but the guy's pretty damn talented.

5 Cool

Eminem he's a snooty man

6 Technical
7 Foul
8 Lyrical
9 Badass
10 Overrated

This I agree, he is still a good rapper, though - EpicJake

The Contenders

11 Funny
12 Entertaining
13 Great Flow
14 Disrespectful
15 Hypocrite
16 Obnoxious


17 Rap God

He is a rap god


He’s a god

18 Versatile
19 Mindless
20 Not Bad

He's good at rapping. That's irrefutable, but his actions are what turns me away from his music. Despite his seemingly inspiring lyrics and such. - keycha1n

Keycha1n nailed it. Eminem could do better on his actions to be honest. - EpicJake

21 Good Taste In Rapping
22 Best Rapper
23 Legend
24 Perfection

Even though he's an amazing rapper, he's really not perfect. Then again, nobody is. - SwagFlicks

Yup his perfect

No, quite the opposite. Haters hate me. - PositronWildhawk

25 Epic
26 Shameful
27 Not Serious
28 Loud
29 Immature
30 Deceiving
31 Rubbish
32 Boss
33 Satan Pants

I suppose you could describe him that way. - TopTennerPerson


34 Terrible

He isn't terrible. Unlike Nicki Minaj he at least knows how to rap. - cosmo

35 Not Terrible
36 Pretentious
37 Tuneless
38 White


39 Eminem

No, this doesn't fit him at all. - Cyri

40 Angry
41 Stingy
42 Classless
43 Shady

The King of throwing shades is none other than Eminem himself.

44 Disgusting
45 Pathetic
46 Talentless

Hell no Shady raps like a boss


47 God
48 Sellout
49 Best In The West

This is just my opinion just saying

50 Terrible influence
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