Top Ten Ways to Describe Frozen

The Top Ten

1 Overrated
2 Annoying
3 Far From Perfection
4 Stupid
5 Bad
6 Terrible
7 Horrible
8 Awful
9 Abomination
10 Everywhere

The Contenders

11 Inferior to Other More Classical Disney Films
12 Retarded
13 Hell

Hell. Frozen. Hell. Frozen. Something isn't lining up here. Of course, if I go to hell, it'll probably turn out to be a room surrounded by video screens playing Frozen, pixels, Alvin and the chipmunks and Sanjay and Craig.

14 Crappy

Yeah I ADDED IT Thanks for voting :,-)

15 Immature
16 Insufferable
17 Inferior to the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen
18 Amazing
19 Solid
20 Bitchy
21 Idiotic
22 Good
23 Overhated
24 Best Animated Film of 2013

Far from the best... - KalloFox34

Stop blindly hating on it, it is a great movie. And I am not a crazy fan, these reasons work better for Twilight. Frozen has perfect animation, perfect story, and mostly perfect characters. So I agree with AniMat. - 445956

25 Obnoxious
26 Less Classical
27 Just Another Ugly Looking 3D CGI
28 Awesome
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