Best Ways to Describe the Haters of Daisy


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1 Know it alls

"She's filler, she's filler, she's filler" *types an essay about how they think she's filler* - ParkerFang

"She is unneeded" She made possible Super Mario Land series and Wario.

"She is not a tomboy" energetic, loud, competitive, likes spirts, not refined, non-princessish language. This is being a tomboy.

"She has no personality" Tomboy, Sassy, Loud, Energetic. This is a personality.

"She is a Peach recolor" They mainly shares the dress in some points, tee face was different since day one, same with the hair, her accessories, and her body started to be different after her GCN re-design.

"Her fans are the worst" Her haters are not better at all.

"Hi I'm Daisy makes me cringe and cry" get therapy then. - DaisyandRosalina

2 Rude

"You have bad taste in gaming no offense" - ParkerFang

3 Annoying

Every comment praising Daisy gets tons of dislikes.

4 Posers
5 Shoving their hate down our throat

"DAISY sucks" - ParkerFang

6 Immature teens
7 Stupid
8 Rapid
9 Can't tell the difference between her and Peach

And they know everything? smh - ParkerFang

10 Shallow

"Don't judge Peach by her looks" *judges Daisy by her looks* - ParkerFang

The Contenders

11 Bullies Bullies

"Lol Daisy fans always attack those who dislike her lol" and the haters attack those who like her? Hmm interesting.

12 Honest

OH where's the evidence? OH wait there's none. They are not honest

13 Whiny
14 Ignorant
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