Best Ways to Describe the Haters of Rosalina

The Top Ten

1 Mean

"If you like Rosalina then I hate you! " enough said - ParkerFang

Well all of them are mean sooo there's opinions Videogamefan5.

I hate Daisy haters, so why can't I hate Rosalina haters?

They take things way too far

2 Thinking stupidly like "Rosalina is replacing Peach."

Rosalina didn't replace Peach, or Daisy, or anyone. She's just a new addition to the Mario cast and happens to be a popular character, that's all.

She's the main girl so why would anyone think that she'll replace Peach? Dumb people - ParkerFang

Peach fans are the reasons why I want to commit suicide

3 Complainers

Those whiny jerks just want to complain about she is replacing most of the Mario characters merely to piss off the fans. That's a form of stupidity - ParkerFang


4 Always want her out but doesn't get their wish true

You wish her to be replaced? Too bad - ParkerFang

5 Doesn't give evidence to why she 'sucks'

"Because she just plain sucks" Where's the evidence? - ParkerFang

No vital evidence. - yunafreya648

6 Attacking the fanbase even the non-rapid ones

Just look at the comment section on the video, "Hi I'm Daisy (Rosalina diss)" and see how many many Daisy and Peach fans go their way out to bully Rosalina fans. They literally want to make everyone hate her but it'll never work. Cruel people - ParkerFang

7 Hypocrites

I turn my nose in disgust even hearing this word - The_gEEK_GamEr9

Claim to hate Rosalina because she's "too sexy" yet defend Bayonetta as if she were their mother

"Rosalina fans are bad" *Attacks other haters* - ParkerFang

So so true - yunafreya648

8 Immature

Occasionally - ParkerFang

9 Disrespectful

To Nintendo most likely but more so in the Smash community she's so hated there - ParkerFang

All the time - yunafreya648

10 Rabid Disney hogs who think she's a ripoff of Elsa from Frozen

Mario Galaxy 6 YEARS before also blue dress totally look alike - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

Are you kidding me? Super Mario Galaxy came out six years before Frozen. What is wrong with people, nowadays?

They know she isn't a ripoff of Elsa. Dumb people these days

They stopped saying that - yunafreya648

The Contenders

11 Honest

Honest?! More like stupid and rude. Even Nintendo haters need to beat the sense out of them

Nope I'm done with you Wendy fan

*not honest - yunafreya648

12 Dumb

"Durrr Rosalina sucks and I have Nu evidence" enough said. - yunafreya648

13 Not Honest

I don't see how they are honest. They basically lie about her - ParkerFang

14 Weak and Powerless
15 Acting like she's everywhere

Rosalia has like been in maybe 30 games Peach is in almost every game and Daisy is in 71

Rosalina has been like in what? 15? 16 games? Peach has been everywhere and Daisy has been in like 60 games. They say that she's in more games than Daisy. Even I showed them how many games Daisy has been in and they were like "I don't see no evidence" retards - ParkerFang

Those haters are everywhere so yeah - yunafreya648

16 Cry Babies

They make Patrick Star look smart lol - yunafreya648

This list and its comments against it are perfection. TAKE THAT, THITI2000, YA SKANK!

They're a bunch of crybabies indeed.

17 Retarded

Yep - yunafreya648

Like that troll here. I got you DaisyAndRosalina, DCFnaf, ParkerFang, and Yunafreya because I hate that Wendy fan that trolls on others

Definitely. There are so many types of Rosalina haters that I hate so much

Elsa fans
MTP fans
Daisy/Peach/Waluigi fans

18 Dicks

I bet they have small ones lol

They are and I hate them

Like that Attack On Titan/Daisy fan who always calls people "Space Whore Worshippers" when that person worships Daisy

Especially on Deviantart. There's this anti Rosalina group and one of the Rosalina haters call every Rosalina fangirl sluts when that person is a hypocrite

19 Acting like it's the end of the world

They take things too far

"Nuu Rosalina got into Smash and Daisy didn't" Yep - yunafreya648

20 A bunch of lamos who think she's created for fanservice

Have they ever played SMG?

21 Dumbasses

Super dumb indeed


22 Dummies

They are dumb beacause they think they will get heard.

23 Scanks
24 Loves Wendy

Wendy stinks.

25 Smarter than you

You are so going to hell after you die for putting that on this list, ya sexist priss! Now this list is corrupt by haters of this list that make up false points to why Rosalina, Toadette and Cackletta shouldn't be hyped and Kootie Pie Koopa is the greatest Mario character besides Princess Peach and her clones.

26 Overrated

They make her overrated - ParkerFang

27 Hentai Lovers
28 Not Genuine
29 They don't respect opinions

Just like those Daisy haters

30 Silly

Now there's this person who thinks she's stealing Cloud from Tifa - ParkerFang

31 Outrageous
32 Loco
33 Unnecessary

Rosalina gets so much hate, it's unfair

34 Reasonable

I mean, she is just Peach in a blue dress with emo hair. She steals spots for other characters in many spinoffs (and in Mario 3D World). I miss the old days where we got cool and obscure characters like Petey Piranha for example, instead of blue Peach. She is a Mary Sue. She doesn't deserve to be in Smash and wasted space for a character who deserves a spot more than her like Waluigi or Geno (I know he only appeared once, but he started Mario's RPG games and he is wanted by fans and even Sakuari). Forcing her into every spinoff game isn't going to get people to like her, quite the opposite in fact. If you like Rosalina, I respect your opinion as long as you respect mine. - DumbWays2DieFan

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