Top 10 Ways to Describe the Haters of Toad

I like Toad a lot and I don't know why people hate him. Here are some ways to describe the haters of Toad.

The Top Ten

1 Mistaken

They mistake the Mushroom Retainers for hIm in Super Mario Bros. - ToadF1

2 Immature
3 Confused

They need to realise Toad didn't debut until Super Mario Bros. 2 - ToadF1

4 Outrageous
5 Irritating
6 Humiliating
7 Yoshi Fans

Yes, most of them are Basically them - ToadF1

8 Insane
9 Mediocre
10 Liars

They say things about Toad that isn't true - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Wendy Fans

Some of them, Yeah - ToadF1

Lol I like toad and wendys

Life > Wendy - ToadF1

12 Toads

Yes! They are Toads themselves! - ToadF1

13 Dummies
14 Rude

You are contradicting yourself by saying the haters of Toad are rude when actually you are much more rude then they are because you always insult the haters when you should be respecting their opinion instead of bashing them for hating what you like!

"Lame character you have bad taste"
so Rude... - ToadF1

15 Worthless
16 Bratty
17 Spoiled
18 Waluigi Fans
19 Luigi Fans

What does hating on Toad have to do with Luigi fans?

20 Morons
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