Top 10 Ways to Describe Jacob Sartorius


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1 Overrated

Yeah he's overrated just like pop itself even though it got killed by people like him and justin bieber. Come at me 9 year old fangirls - HazzaInHisMazda

I wish people didn't think of him as such a bad person. He is a very nice boy. He may not be the best singer, he started to sing way to early. Justin Bieber stared at a young age, and look at all the hate he gets from people! He is just a kid, everyone needs to leave him alone and stop the bullying. - iHanz

I can't believe he has 2 million subscribers. There are better artists that can sing better than him like Marina and the Diamonds and Blackbear and they are underrated.. I hope his career gets ended or he becomes irrelevant. - SapphireStar

Justin is much better than you jacob, jacob... you suck

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2 The Next Justin Bieber

He makes Justin Bieber look like Mozart

I think he'll be the next one since he is like already doing this

He makes Justin Bieber look like Jimi Hendrix in comparison. - RogerWatersfan1999

Oh boy, he makes Justin Bieber look like Michael Jackson.

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3 Talentless

I don't get why his delusional fanbase compares him to PHENOMENAL singers like Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes. Like stfu! Jacob isn't even worthy of kissing Shawn's or Ed's feet. Have a seat.

4 Cancerous

The cause of cancer - weatherman419

4 types of Cancer :

1-Lung Cancer
2-Stomach Cancer
3-Brain Cancer
4-Jacob Satorius

5 Autotuned

Even Justin Bieber has better autotune than him. At least HIS matched the flow of his voice, while Jacob's sounds like somebody edited the video with Windows Movie Maker.

Without autotune he literally cannot sing. Auto time makes him sound like a constipated duck.

Just because you use autotune doesn't mean you can sing. I can't believe his Fans think he can sing, all he just uses is autotune and it doesn't sound good... He doesn't sound good without autotune either; just look at his All of Me cover. - SapphireStar

€You can wear my, sweatshirt! ”
Worst line in modern music.

6 Should Be Going to School Instead

No wonder he is getting dumber and dumber

7 Untalented
8 Ridiculous
9 Meaningless Music


10 Too Young to Be Famous


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11 Disgraceful

He acts like Michael Jackson, classic rock bands, badass singers, legendary rappers and etc should go to hell. I hate him forever. I think Jacob Sartorius will win the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award 2017 for "Favorite Singer" and all the singers on Nickelodeon KCA 2017 suck in ways.

12 Douchebag

He said "F you" to a hater. He needs more hate! >:(

13 Retarded
14 Attention Seeker
15 Annoying
16 Liar
17 Bait for Horny Preteen Girls
18 Fake
19 Cringey

He so cringey but it is so cool to see him doing that don't be means to Jacob s ok just be nice ok

20 Evil

He's not evil - Watchmojo

21 Messed Up
22 Stupid
23 Mean-Spirited

He wishes death upon people that did what he forced them to do?

24 Excuse Maker
25 Overly Manipulative

Proof that fangirls are even worse than Satan.

26 Inappropriate
27 Horrible Singer

I listened to Sweatshirt when it came out all those months ago...I immediately stopped watching it after the second verse and had to bleach my eyes out. - alphadan12

28 Ugly
29 A White Teenager Who Beats Up His Girlfriends
30 Hot
31 Cute

Hell no! He is hideous not just to see, but to experience in general.

He is so cute

32 Nickelodeon's Favorite Celebrity
33 Sexist
34 Racist
35 Fat
36 Sweet
37 Unhealthy


38 Ripoff of Shawn Mendes
39 Imbecile
40 Overhyped
41 Vulgar
42 Mmm....BLAH!
43 A Complete Moron
44 Justin Bieber 2.0
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