Best Ways to Describe The Loud House

Dedicated to my new friend TheLoudHouseSucks. Here are some ways to describe the Loud House.

The Top Ten

1 Annoying

I have to admit, the show is not that bad, but I do not like it either. It is better than Sanjay And Craig and Breadwinners, which are both garbage. The characters in the show sound decent. - AnimeDrawer

2 Overrated

All because of the annoying fanbase - christangrant

Obviously, it's overrated. - TLHFanBaseSucks

3 Boring

Not interested in it, never will! - Neonco31

Neonco31, The Loud House ROCKS! I don't know why you hate it, you have no brain when it comes to entertainment.

The Loud House has good plot and good morals, it's considered Nickelodeon's New Hope.

It's gotten so many views that it's a successful show.

If you hate it, then don't watch it, and I guess you hate some of the 90's shows as well and the old SpongeBob.

4 Stupid
5 Amazing

Sould be number 1, its not annoying, borining, or overrated. It's the best cartoon ever.

6 Dumb
7 Failed to Save Nickelodeon

There is no show that can/could save this network. The only thing that can save it now is new leadership

8 Low Budget
9 A Work Of Art
10 Pathetic

My best friend loves this show, and he talks about a lot whenever we have a conversation. So I decided to watch this show, but I couldn't even get through the theme song. And I can't be the only one who thinks The Loud House is a ripoff of Stuck In The Middle, which is a horrible show too.

The Contenders

11 Amazing Characters
12 Disaster
13 Awesome
14 Poor Animation

Chris Savino's animations are AWFUL!

15 Exciting
16 Emotional
17 Funny
18 Total Cringe
19 Good
20 Junk

To the junk shop it goes! - Neonco31

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1. Annoying
2. Overrated
3. Boring
1. Overrated
2. Total Cringe
3. Disaster
1. Total Cringe
2. Overrated
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