Best Ways to Describe The Loud House

Dedicated to my new friend TheLoudHouseSucks. Here are some ways to describe the Loud House.

The Top Ten

1 Overrated

This word describes Spongebob, not The Loud House.

All because of the annoying fanbase - christangrant

Obviously, it's overrated. - TLHFanBaseSucks

2 Annoying

I have to admit, the show is not that bad, but I do not like it either. It is better than Sanjay And Craig and Breadwinners, which are both garbage. The characters in the show sound decent.

3 Failed to Save Nickelodeon

There is no show that can/could save this network. The only thing that can save it now is new leadership

I wouldn't say this show saved Nickelodeon, but it did help bring in higher ratings for Nick - Spongehouse

Well you can't just expect one show to save an entire network. But I agree, The Loud House is terrible.

4 Boring

It should be above a work of art because the art style is cheap

Not interested in it, never will! - Neonco31

That is fine because this show is not for everyone, but I love this show it is one of my favorite cartoons ever - Spongehouse

Neonco31, The Loud House ROCKS! I don't know why you hate it, you have no brain when it comes to entertainment.

The Loud House has good plot and good morals, it's considered Nickelodeon's New Hope.

It's gotten so many views that it's a successful show.

If you hate it, then don't watch it, and I guess you hate some of the 90's shows as well and the old SpongeBob.

5 A Work Of Art

I love the comic book art style - Spongehouse

6 Dumb

Luna, Sam, Harold, Howard, etc.

7 Disaster

Ruined nickelodeon and the cartoon industry

Ruined cartoons

8 Amazing Characters

I love most of the characters in this show - Spongehouse

its ok

9 Pathetic

My best friend loves this show, and he talks about a lot whenever we have a conversation. So I decided to watch this show, but I couldn't even get through the theme song. And I can't be the only one who thinks The Loud House is a ripoff of Stuck In The Middle, which is a horrible show too.

10 Stupid

The Newcomers

? Nice
? Cool

The Contenders

11 Low Budget
12 Poor Animation

Chris Savino's animations are AWFUL!

Very cheap animation

13 Stereotypical
14 Funny
15 Amazing

Sould be number 1, its not annoying, borining, or overrated. It's the best cartoon ever.

16 Emotional
17 Entertaining
18 Loud
19 Exciting
20 Total Cringe
21 Fast Paced
22 Junk

To the junk shop it goes! - Neonco31

23 The Best Thing in the History of Anything Ever
24 Overhated
25 Good
26 The Creation of the Devil at the Helm

Chris Savino is the same guy who ruined Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls. So, no. I will NEVER trust Chris Savino for as long as I live and even after I die.

Chris Savino is just a kids show writer. No need to treat him like the spawn of satan.

27 Awesome
28 The Best

Why isn't this 1? - TheILikeTrainsKid

29 Great
30 Masterpiece

No cartoon is a masterpiece every one has flaws - christangrant

31 The Best Damn Thing

Its far from that - christangrant

Bet your eyes you’ll ever see

32 Racist

In one episode they made fun of Mexicans.

33 The 11th Best Show of All Time
34 Mysterious
35 Mystery Filled
36 2nd Best Show

What? - christangrant

37 Mean-Spirited

Hateful and unlikable characters

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