Top 10 Ways to Describe Nicki Minaj

These are the words to describe this horrible, horrible woman. I don't even know why she got famous. I hope more people realize how wack she truly is.

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1 Disgusting Disgusting

That horrifying picture makes me hate this woman even more. - Powerfulgirl10

Hide the image!

The picture is even more disgusting - Neonco31

She is disgusting. Htae her!

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2 Stupid Stupid

You forgot to add "Hoe " (Stupid Hoe)

She looks like a doll in that picture! - Powerfulgirl10

That image is hideous! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Kill it with fire - IronFist13

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3 Unpleasant Unpleasant

Unpleasant is too kind for Nicki Minaj

The picture! I'm dying right now!

The Picture! I'm going to DIE! - Neonco31


4 Disgraceful Disgraceful

I was going to put this on the list but it's already here. - Imreallyboredrightnow

I was the one who added that picture and I gotta say, that's hideous and funny at the same time! - Powerfulgirl10

These pictures are killing me. - Popsicles

So does this picture! - Neonco31

5 Unbearable

Much better

6 Famous for the Wrong Reasons

Don't worry. She's gonna lose her fame in the next few weeks or so.

I'd be surprised if anyone actually found her talented or special. It seems like nobody can take her seriously. - Cesium

This is so DANG TRUE GOOD GOD! She's like an amber rose if she was a pretty ok rapper


7 Lame

She is lame
Her raps are all really rude and she can't keep her big mouth shut.

8 Ignorant

I think she's an ignorant savage...

9 Stupid Hoe

Perfect way to describe her. - Turkeyasylum

Especially because of that song. - Minecraftcrazy530

She isn't only a stupid hoe, She's an stupid dummy - NESSquid

One thing we all agree with

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10 Inspiring

She inspired me to smash my computer into smithereens. - Powerfulgirl10

Her songs inspired me to drink bleach and stab myself! So she actually is really inspirational.

She inspired me to listen to Suffocation. - Fretto

She inspired me to give up on faith in humanity - SpectralOwl

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11 Ugly

Ugh her hairstyles, revealing clothes, and tacky makeup is nasty together.

12 Anti-Talented

This is definitely the case, given that her influence on the music industry is bringing everyone down. - PositronWildhawk

Anti-Talented means that an artist is so bad, that he/she makes you angry.

Nicki Minaj is anti-talented.

Should be "The Anti Talent" - SoldierOfFortune

PMRants fans like me agree with this entry. - DCfnaf

13 Annoying

Why isn't this on the top? - Neonco31

14 A Fashion Disaster
15 Bizarre
16 Horrible at Rapping

I remember before Nicki became famous her music was actually pretty decent. But I guess once you become famous you don't even have to try anymore because regardless people are still gonna buy your albums.

I could name a thousand female rappers who can't rap to save their life's, but sound far better then she does.

Nicki Minaj sounds like a dying cat.

17 Terrible
18 Obnoxious

Wearing a pink wig that looks like it came out of a cotton candy machine is so childish.

19 Fabulous

What? No she is not! - Powerfulgirl10

Nicki Minaj is a good rapper, a good singer, and a good person. She's like the Madonna of rap. She has a unique sense of style and she knows how to dress to impress.

No she isn't! - Neonco31


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20 Unique

I don't really "like" Nicki Minaj, but a problem with most rappers is that their songs can sound the same but hers actually sound different. I like how on her PinkPrint album she has "rap ballads". I know Nicki Minaj haters are gonna dislike this comment but I personally DO think she is unique. - MistyMay113

Yes just be part of the commercialized music machine. That's unique right? Nope.

Nicki Minaj is the best singer in the world. - AwesomeCool589

21 Extremely Irritating

She is so annoying I hate her

22 Wack
23 Crazy

OK, I think Nicki Minaj is like candy overload. I mean, have you ever eaten so much candy on Halloween that you would want to eat candy until next Halloween? Yep, that's what Nicki's giving us. Too. Much. Candy. We all like a pack of Skittles every now and then, but we don't want to eat Skittles for our breakfast and dinner. Give us something else to chew on, Nicki.

She has her crazy side and funny side in a good way.

24 Fantastic


25 Retarded
26 Better Than Jackie Evancho

Nicki is WAY better than that ugly and stupid and talentless white bimbo


27 Degrading
28 Is Killing Music
29 Disastrous

Jacob Sartorius, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande would have a temper tantrum if they heard someone insult Nicki Minaj that harshly.

30 Whore
31 Talented

To me, there's a difference between being talented and being good. You can be talented without being good. Nicki Minaj is just that. - WonkeyDude98

Actually she is still going to this day. Wheres lil kim at...

Nicki Minaj is always better and prettier

32 Best Female Rapper

Lil Kim is better

33 Not for Children

This isn't a broad statement. This is straight up fact. Really it is.

She claims to be an inspiration to young girls, yet her music videos are like 99 percent ass shots.

Ok first of all she means by being successful so you can really chill

34 S****y

She will disrespect your opinion if you are an anti-Belieber.

35 Forgettable
36 Horrendous
37 Disgustingly Overrated

Wafflepasta got 400 likes/325 dislikes on his video called "Why I hate Nicki Minaj". LilDthecomic video called "Nicki Minaj SUCKS! ((Review of Roman's Revenge)" got 450 dislikes/100 dislikes. Video called "Nicki Minaj sucks" got an average bit more dislikes than likes. Fake/modern music fans need to be slapped big time!

38 A Waste of Time
39 Plastic

She's a barbie doll with all that plastic

40 Egregious

My favorite word. - WonkeyDude98

41 Horrid
42 Attack On the Ears
43 So Annoying That It's Not Even Funny

The last word describes the list lolololol

44 Classy

WRONG! - ThePwoperMuser101

Yes she's so cool - hottiehip1

45 Skilled

I would advise you to listen to her verse on Monster. It's easily the best on the track. - SwagFlicks

Skilled at making ears bleed. - Powerfulgirl10

46 Important

A troll put this on here.

I think she has importance outside the music industry...

47 Sexy

She's gorgeous.

48 Bitchy
49 Immature
50 Idiotic
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