Top 10 Ways to Describe PewDiePie

I don't really care much about this guy but I'll give some ways to describe him.

The Top Ten

1 Better Than T-Series

PewDiePie is much better than T-Series. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Hell yeah he is

2 Cool


Most of the people who hate pewdiepie are ricegum/ninja/fortnite/pubg/ksi/ logan paul or jake paul fans - B1ueNew

3 Best
4 Awesome
5 Overrated

So true.-LitSavage

6 Hilarious
7 Talented
8 Annoying

That's rude to say to him

His picture here on TTT sure is!

9 Dumb
10 Crazy

The Contenders

11 Energetic
12 Charismatic
13 Pathetic
14 Weird

Weird? I had never heard of him but I saw pictures of him on here and I couldn't stop staring at him.

15 Elite
16 Cringey
17 Oversubbed
18 Fabulous
19 Ridiculous
20 Loud
21 Rude

He swears a lot - Sausagelover99

22 Honest
23 Not Funny
24 Immature
25 Strong

Especially when holding his ground during the recent media onslaught against him. - SwagFlicks

26 Racist
27 Disturbing
28 Fame-Shy

Just reading some old magazine interview.

29 Good Looking
30 Makes Mistakes
31 Overhated
32 Heartthrob
33 Cutie Pie

As Heat Magazine said PewDiePie rhymes with cutie pie. Because he is drop dead gorgeous <3

34 Worse than T-Series
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