Top Ten Ways to Describe Princess Daisy from the Mario Series

The Top Ten

1 Awesome

I like Peach more but she is awesome! - OrangeRin

Best way to describe her. By the way, great list Parker. - Videogamesgal

Princess Daisy is far more AWESOME than Princess Peach.

WendyIsQueen is too obsessed with Wendy ew

2 Unique

I love it how each and every characters as well as humans are unique in their own way. 👍❤

3 Cute

Daisy is a lot cute than that retard Toad

4 Sporty
5 Loud

Her bassy farting is as bombastic as her screams

6 Energetic
7 Filler

Fact! - WendyIsQueen

8 Unoriginal
9 Sassy
10 Annoying

The Contenders

11 Princess Orange
12 Inferior to Wendy

Nope - DaisyandRosalina

13 Tomboy

What I think!

14 Better Than Waluigi

Waluigi and Wendy sucks. Come at me losers

15 Inferior to Waluigi

No one is - DaisyandRosalina

16 Better Than Wendy

Because Wendy is filler

17 Not Filler
18 Magical
19 Inferior to Funky Kong
20 Important
21 Sexy
22 Better Than Peach

Princess Daisy is also a very BEAUTIFUL and independent Mario character.

I certainly agree with this - ParkerFang

23 Superior to Princess Peach
24 Pretty

Every Princesses from the Mario game franchise is very BEAUTIFUL in their own way.

25 Terrible Cousin
26 Not Unoriginal
27 Not Annoying

Princess Daisy is also NOT a damsel in distress like Princess Peach.

28 Hotter than Waluigi
29 Superior to Waluigi
30 Superior to Twintelle
31 Superior to Marina
32 Superior to Candy Kong
33 Farty

Hi She's Gassy!

34 Overrated


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