Top 10 Ways to Describe Rainbow Dash

Here are some ways you can describe a popular cartoon character named Rainbow Dash! Add some or remix the list if you like!

The Top Ten

1 Cool

20% cooler? - Neonco31

2 Awesome
3 Tomboyish

Applejack is also one - Neonco31

4 Annoying

I kind of find her annoying, no offense. Especially with that song "As Awesome As I Wanna Be". - AnimeDrawer

Absolutely annoying! - Sugarcubecorner

5 Athletic

She's insirarional.

6 Crazy
7 Weird
8 Loyal
9 Funny Funny

This picture though! - Neonco31

10 Cute

Um... Yeah! - Neonco31

The Contenders

11 Self-Absorbed

Yeah, this is kind of true. - AnimeDrawer

Sorry, I just don't like her.

12 Over-Hated

Kinda overhated - Neonco31

13 Mean

Sometimes only - Neonco31

14 Stupid

Yes this is the one - TwilightKitsune

I Will Always Respect Your Opinion TwilightKitsune

15 Godlike
16 Perfection
17 Evil

Not Evil
Just A Little Mean Sometimes

18 Misunderstood

You haters aren't even giving her a fair chance.

19 Best Fictional Character Ever
20 Insane
21 Ripoff
22 The Greatest Ever
23 Retarded
24 Stubborn
25 Heroic
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