Top Ten Ways to Describe Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black best known with her viral-controversy video, Friday and later she release My Moment which also worst song ranked by several critics.

The Top Ten

1 Can't Sing

Listen to "The Great Divide." She can sing. You are just a big bully making this list. - 445956

Yes she can - RB-Number1-fan

2 Has Bad Music Videos

The Great Divide had an amazing video. - 445956

3 Worst Youtuber

PewDiePie is much worse - 445956

4 Her song, Friday and My Moment got negative reviews by critics and people

But "The Great Divide" didn't - 445956

5 Used auto-tune

UseD, that is. - 445956

6 Most controversial teen singer

Justin Bieber stirred up more controversy as a teen - 445956

7 Bad actress

Is she even an actress? - 445956

8 Amazing at country music

When was she country? - 445956

9 Like Justin Bieber

They both are good while both used to suck - 445956

10 Posts videos on YouTube every Saturday

The Contenders

11 Robot zombie chicken
12 Nice Person

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about ;D - RB-Number1-fan

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