Top Ten Ways to Describe Rosalina from the Mario Series


The Top Ten

1 Overrated

This list is a pack of lies.(Sorry)

I kind of agree, but Luma is cute though. - TheYoshiPyro64

This list is crap. Right DCfanf?

This list is stupid and pathetic. Rosalina has a backstory and peach and daisy don't! Rosalina is beautiful and kind. She took in the lumas and cared for them. How is that stupid lazy and pathetic?! She helped mario.She controls the universe! Just because her fanbase sucks dosen't mean she sucks

2 Stupid

Even though she's incredibly smart. Who made this list? I see why this list exsists. - DCfnaf

Peach is - yunafreya648

3 Pointless

That's a lie, she was needed for Mario Galaxy. - DCfnaf

4 Everywhere

You could argue that Yoshi is "everywhere". - DCfnaf

5 Annoying

How is she annoying and boring? - DCfnaf

Peach is - yunafreya648

6 Overused

So she's not allowed to be put in Spinoffs because? - DCfnaf

7 Boring

Yeah, that's why she has a backstory and all. - DCfnaf

8 Retarded

You are using retarded as an insult. Shut the hell up. - DCfnaf

Peach is - yunafreya648

9 Lazy

Not true. - DCfnaf

10 Interesting

Lol I don't really care about Rosalina But I agree - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Sexist

This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen! Rosalina is not sexist peach is! Rosalina would never ever be like this! Just shut up this list is stupid I agree with dc fanf!

12 Lame

Not true. - DCfnaf

Peach is - yunafreya648

13 Ugly

Peach is - yunafreya648

14 Beautiful

Yes. - DCfnaf

15 Pathetic

Peach is - yunafreya648

16 Ok

yes - ToadF1

17 Underrated

Because of haters - ToadF1

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