Top 10 Ways to Describe Sanjay and Craig

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1 Disgusting
2 Inappropriate for Kids

Trying to ride on regular shows coat tails, but trying to be vile and disgusting at the same time, perhaps they should have revamped it for adult swim...most likely trying to become a cult classic, but failing for all the wrong reasons

3 Worst Nickelodeon Show Ever

Agreed that this is only marginally better than breadwinners, at least a couple of S&C episodes have been passable, but I can't think of a single episode of breadwinners that was any good.

But better than Breadwinners by an inch - Neonco31

This is so true!

I agree, even worse than Breadwinners and Fred

4 Obnoxious
5 Stupid
6 Gross

A disgusting mix up of regular show/Bob's burgers/Simpsons/south park but aimed at children...butt transplant?...fart songs?...what were they thinking?

7 Immature

I'm a girl and any day, I'd prefer this show rather than Jusin Bieeber.

8 Ridiculous
9 Repulsive
10 Horrible

The Contenders

11 Vomit Inducing
12 Cringeworthy
13 Masterpiece

Idiots everywhere. This show is butt-ugly. No I am not making a butt joke.

This shouldn't be here...

14 Distasteful
15 Not Worth Recommending
16 Terrible
17 Dumb
18 Eye Rapingly Bad
19 Pandering
20 Garbage
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