Top 10 Ways to Describe Twilight Sparkle


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1 Mature
2 Kind
3 Cute
4 Better than Rainbow Dash
5 Smart

One of the few things I love about twilight is her intellect, as well as her kind nature, powerful spirit and,to me, better than rainbow dash at her max.

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7 Unlikable

She is more than unlikable! She is selfish, whiny, ugly, useless and a total poop! Rainbow Dash and Princess Luna are 1,000,000,000 times better than Twilight Sparkle!

I don't see why MLP decided to have HER of all people be the main character. She is unlikable, unrelatable, and actually a pretty bad friend for a "Princess of Friendship". Like that time when she tried to convince Starlight NOT to be friends with Trixie, who she APPARENTLY had forgiven! Some princess of friendship! And there is nothing entertaining, relatable, or funny about her! I personally cannot stand her and her know-it-all bossiness.

Mature, smart and KIND? Hahaa, she is a immature, smelly and hypocrite! Sheep and insecure people are fans of this princess of retards! Haha

She is unlikable, hypocrite, a bicho, smelly, Mary Sue, too "perfect" for this stupid world, a very bad princess. I hate her.

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8 Funny
9 Crazy Crazy

Looking at "Lesson Zero" - Neonco31

10 Awesome Awesome

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? Bad

The Contenders

11 Studious

She loooves books

12 Inspiring
13 Magical
14 Unfunny
15 Sparkling
16 Bossy
17 Boring
18 Full of Herself
19 Know It All
20 Egghead
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