Top Ten Ways to Describe Waluigi from the Mario Series


The Top Ten

1 Filler

Yep. That’s true - KingSlayer93316

2 Not a God
3 A Stick

Nah, I call him a twig - KingSlayer93316

4 Not So Handsome

You're right, he's hot!

He's ugly asf. Even Wendy is prettier than him

5 Inferior to Toad

How? Toad is a worthless good for nothing coward.

6 Inferior to Wario

Whoever likes Waluigi the trash can go have sex with him. WendyisQueen

7 An Irrelevant Clone
8 Overrated

Because of his memes - ParkerFang

9 Inferior to Daisy and Rosalina

Right on ^_^ - ParkerFang

10 Sexy



*mouth waters*

NO HE’S NOT - KingSlayer93316

The Contenders

11 Messed Up
12 Uneeded
13 Trash Wario Clone
14 Underrated
15 Not Funny
16 Inferior to Every Video Game Character
17 A Rapist
18 Basement Dweller

Yes, I locked him in my basement. Happy? - KingSlayer93316

19 A God
20 Will never be in Smash
21 Assist Trophy
22 Not a Mary Sue
23 Inferior to Luigi
24 Inferior to Yoshi
25 Inferior to Bowser Jr.
26 A Mistake
27 Rubbish
28 Garbage
29 Ridiculous
30 Funny
31 A Nobody
32 Brittle
33 A Terrible Example to Young Boys
34 Inferior to Kefka
35 A Hoe
36 Gary Stu
37 A Reject that Should Been Thrown in the Trash Can

Him and Wendy are trash losers LOLOL

Lol - ParkerFang

38 Dirt
39 Poor
40 Inferior to Chaotix
41 Gay
42 Lazy
43 Not Bad

Honestly the only thing wrong with him in my opinion is that he doesn’t have any major game appearances - Randomator

44 Inferior to Waluigi
45 Handsome
46 Overhated
47 Thicc
48 Overpowered
49 Stupid
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